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 Bunheads 1x09 - No One Takes Khaleesi's Dragons
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 Make it or Break it 1x10 - All That Glitters
 Doctor Who Greatest Moments 1x01 - The Doctor
 Body of Proof 2x05 - Point of Origin
 Cold Case 7x19 - Bullet
 Suburgatory 1x05 - Halloween
 Smallville 10x12 - Collateral
 Degrassi: The Next Generation 10x06 - 99 Problems Part 2
 Expedition Impossible 1x01 - Sun! Sand! Sahara!
 NCIS 9x03 - The Penelope Papers
 Sons of Anarchy 4x05 - Brick
 Parenthood 3x04 - Clear Skies from Here on Out
 The Middle 3x01 - 3x02 Forced Family Fun
 NCIS Los Angeles 3x06 - Lone Wolf
 Hung 3x02 - Take The Cake or Are You Packing?
 Being Erica 4x03 - Baby Mama
 Body of Proof 2x04 - Lazarus Man
 CSI Miami 10x04 - Look Who's Taunting
 90210 4x06 - Benefit of the Doubt
 CSI 12x05 - CSI Down
 CSI NY 8x05 - Air Apparent
 Against The Wall 1x12 - Second Chances
 Mike & Molly 2x05 - Victoria Runs Away
 Happy Endings 2x05 - Spooky Endings
 Castle 4x07 - Cops & Robbers
 Boss 1x02 - Reflex
 Mike & Molly 2x06 - Happy Halloween
 Body of Proof 2x07 - Hard Knocks
 Happy Endings 2x06 - Lying around
 Revenge 1x07 - Charade
 The Newsroom (2012) 1x08 - The Blackout Part I: Tragedy Porn
 Bunheads 1x09 - No One Takes Khaleesi's Dragons
 A Touch of Cloth 1x01 - Episode 01