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 Men at Work 3x08 - Suburban Gibbs
 Raising Hope 4x17 - Baby Phat
 Raising Hope 4x18 - Dinner with the Tropes
 Raising Hope 4x19 - Para-natesville Activity
 Girls 3x12 - Two Plane Rides
 Mom 1x21 - Broken Dreams and Blocked Arteries
 Raising Hope 4x21 - How I Met Your Mullet
 New Girl 3x21 - Big News
 2 Broke Girls 3x22 - And the New Lease on Life
 2 Broke Girls 3x23 - And the Free Money
 Revenge 3x21 - Impetus
 Orange is the New Black 2x04 - A Whole Other Hole
 Orange is the New Black 2x09 - 40 OZ of Furlough
 Orange is the New Black 2x11 - Take A Break From Your Values
 Masters of Sex 2x04 - Dirty Jobs
 Masters of Sex 2x10 - Below the Belt
 New Girl 4x01 - The Last Wedding
 Masters of Sex 2x11 - One for the money, two for the show
 Masters of Sex 2x12 - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
 New Girl 4x03 - Julie Berkmans Older Sister
 Revenge 4x02 - Disclosure
 New Girl 4x04 - Micro
 New Girl 4x06 - Background check
 New Girl 4x05 - Landline
 About a boy 2x01 - About a Vasectomy
 Revenge 4x04 - Meteor
 About a boy 2x02 - About a House for Sale
 2 Broke Girls 4x01 - And the Reality Problem
 About a boy 2x03 - About a Will-O-Ween
 Downton Abbey 5x07 - Episode 7
 2 Broke Girls 4x02 - And The DJ Face
 About a boy 2x04 - About a Bad Girl
 Mom 2x02 - Figgy Pudding and the Rapture
 2 Broke Girls 4x03 - And the Childhood Not Included
 New Girl 4x07 - Goldmine
 The Mindy Project 3x07 - We Need To Talk About Annette
 Revenge 4x08 - Contact
 2 Broke Girls 4x04 - And the Old Bike Yarn
 About a boy 2x05 - About an Angry Ex
 The Mindy Project 3x08 - Diary of a Mad Indian Woman
 Mom 2x04 - Forged Resumes and the Recommended Dosage
 About a boy 2x06 - About a balcony
 New Girl 4x09 - Thanksgiving IV
 The Mindy Project 3x09 - How To Lose a Mom in Ten Days
 Mom 2x05 - Kimchi and a Monkey Playing Harmonica
 Revenge 4x09 - Intel
 New Girl 4x10 - Girl Fight
 The Mindy Project 3x10 - What About Peter
 Mom 2x06 - Crazy Eyes and a Wet Brad Pitt
 The Mindy Project 3x11 - Christmas
 About a boy 2x08 - About A Christmas Carol
 Mom 2x07 - Soapy Eyes and a Clean Slate
 2 Broke Girls 4x07 - And a Loan for Christmas
 Hart of Dixie 4x01 - Kablang
 Mom 2x08 - Free Therapy and a Dead Lady's Yard Sale
 Downton Abbey 5x09 - Christmas Special IV
 2 Broke Girls 4x08 - And The Fun Factory
 The Mindy Project 3x12 - Stanford
 About a boy 2x09 - About a Mannyversary
 Revenge 4x12 - Madness
 Girls 4x01 - Iowa
 Girls 4x04 - Cubbies
 The Mindy Project 3x15 - Dinner At The Castellanos
 The Mindy Project 3x16 - Lahiri Family Values
 Girls 4x06 - Close up
 2 Broke Girls 4x13 - And the Great Unwashed
 About a boy 2x14 - About a Boyfriend
 Revenge 4x15 - Bait
 Girls 4x08 - Tad & Loreen & Avi & Shanaz
 The Mindy Project 3x19 - Confessions of a Catho-holic
 Revenge 4x16 - Retaliation
 Girls 4x10 - Home Birth
 2 Broke Girls 4x15 - And the Fat Cat
 Revenge 4x19 - Exposure
 Mom 2x21 - Patient Zero and the Chocolate Fountain
 2 Broke Girls 4x19 - And the Look of the Irish
 2 Broke Girls 4x22 - And the Disappointing Unit
 Orange is the New Black 3x04 - Finger In The Dyke
 Orange is the New Black 3x05 - Fake It Till You Fake It Some More
 Orange is the New Black 3x06 - Ching Chong Chang