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 Good luck Charlie 4x20 - Good Bye, Charlie
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 Good luck Charlie 4x20 - Good Bye, Charlie
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 Glee 5x10 - Trio
 Modern Family 5x16 - Spring-A-Ding-Fling
 Glee 5x12 - 100
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 Glee 5x13 - New Directions
 How I Met Your Mother 9x23 - Last Forever Part 1
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 Glee 5x14 - New New York
 Glee 5x18 - The Back-Up Plan
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 South Park 18x03 - The Cissy
 Pretty Little Liars 4x06 - Under the Gun
 Glee 6x08 - A Wedding
 Glee 6x09 - Child Star
 Glee 6x10 - The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester
 Good luck Charlie 2x00 - It's Christmas