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 Sym Bionic Titan 1x10 - Lessons In Love
 Torchwood 4x02 - Rendition
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 Heroes 3x11 - The Eclipse PART 2
 Fringe 1x10 - Safe
 Worst Week 1x13 - The Puppy
 Fringe 1x11 - Bound
 Burn Notice 2x10 - Do No Harm
 Legend of the Seeker 1x10 - Sacrifice
 Fringe 1x12 - The No Brainer
 Sym Bionic Titan 1x10 - Lessons In Love
 Primeval 3x01 - Episode 1
 Fringe 1x16 - Unleashed
 Primeval 3x04 - Episode 4
 Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire 1x04 - O Biclops Where Art Thou
 Eureka 3x14 - Ship Happens
 Ugly Americans 1x02 - An American Werewolf in America
 Ugly Americans 1x01 - Pilot
 South Park 14x03 - Medicinal Fried Chicken
 Ugly Americans 1x03 - Demon Baby
 Ugly Americans 1x04 - Blob Gets a Job
 Eureka 4x04 - The Story of O2
 Futurama 6x09 - A Clockwork Origin
 Sym Bionic Titan 1x02 - Neighbors in Disguise
 Ugly Americans 1x10 - Sympathy For The Devil
 The Event 1x06 - Loyalty
 Community 2x06 - Epidemiology 206
 The Office 7x06 - Costume Contest
 Stargate Universe 2x06 - Trial and Error
 Sym Bionic Titan 1x08 - Shadows of Youth
 South Park 14x13 - Coon vs. Coon and Friends
 Sym Bionic Titan 1x15 - Disenfranchised
 Sym Bionic Titan 1x16 - Escape From Galaluna
 Sym Bionic Titan 1x18 - A family crisis
 Sym Bionic Titan 1x19 - The Steel Foe
 Eureka 5x03 - Force Quit
 Eureka 5x04 - Friendly Fire