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 A.D. The Bible Continues 1x01 - The Tomb Is Open
 A.D. The Bible Continues 1x10 - Brothers In Arms
 American Dad 9x14 - Stan Goes on the Pill
 Becoming Us 1x02 - #FallOutBoy
 Becoming Us 1x03 - #IntoTheWild
 Believe 1x11 - Revelation
 Boardwalk Empire 5x06 - Devil You
 Brooklyn Nine Nine 2x03 - The Jimmy Jab Games
 Brooklyn Nine Nine 2x07 - Lockdown
 Comedy Central Roast 1x14 - Justin Bieber
 CSI 15x06 - The Twin Paradox
 Devious Maids 2x07 - Betrayal
 Drop Dead Diva 6x10 - No Return
 Enlisted 1x11 - The General Inspection
 Falling Skies 4x04 - Evolve Or Die
 Game of Thrones 5x09 - The Dance Of Dragons
 Gotham 1x14 - The Fearsome Dr. Crane
 Halt and Catch Fire 1x10 - 1984 (Season Finale)
 In the flesh 2x05 - Episode 5
 In the flesh 2x06 - Episode 6 (Season Finale)
 Madam Secretary 1x09 - So it Goes
 Mistresses (US) 2x08 - An Affair to Surrender
 Murder In the First 1x06 - Punch Drunk
 Pretty Little Liars 5x07 - The Silence of E. Lamb
 Salem 1x13 - All Fall Down (Season Finale)
 Sam & Cat 01x33 - KnockOut
 Talking Dead 4x00 - The Walking Dead Season 5 Preview Special
 The Following 3x07 - The Hunt
 The fosters 2x05 - Truth Be Told
 The Good Wife 5x13 - Parallel Construction, Bitches
 The Last Ship 1x05 - El Toro
 The Returned (US) 1x08 - Claire
 The Simpsons 26x07 - Blazed and Confused
 The Strain 1x03 - Gone Smooth
 The Walking Dead 5x02 - Strangers
 The Walking Dead 5x05 - Self Help
 The Walking Dead 5x09 - What Happened and What’s Going On
 The Walking Dead 5x10 - Them
 The Walking Dead 5x11 - The Distance
 The Walking Dead 5x12 - Remember
 Wilfred (US) 4x10 - Happiness (Series Finale)
 Witches of East End 2x07 - Art of Darkness
 Z Nation 1x06 - Resurrection Z
 Z Nation 1x07 - Welcome to FU-Bar
 Z Nation 1x09 - Die, Zombie, Die... Again
 Z Nation 1x11 - Sisters Of Mercy
 Z Nation 1x12 - Murphy's Law
 Z Nation 1x13 - Doctor Of The Dead (Season Finale)
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 Salem 1x01 - The Vow
 Falling Skies 4x01 - Ghost in the Machine
 The Walking Dead 4x90 - Inside The Walking Dead
 Falling Skies 4x10 - Drawing Straws
 Falling Skies 4x12 - Shoot the moon
 Z Nation 1x08 - Zunami
 The Walking Dead 5x06 - Consumed
 Z Nation 1x13 - Doctor Of The Dead (Season Finale)
 iZombie (2015) 1x04 - Liv and Let Clive
 iZombie (2015) 1x06 -
 The Returned (US) 1x08 - Claire
 The Returned (US) 1x09 - Helen