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 Awkward 4x10 - Snows Jobs (Part 1)
 Reign 1x18 - No Exit
 The Americans 2x08 - New Car
 Baby Daddy 3x13 - Play It Again, Bonnie
 Classic Doctor Who 26x15 - Dimensions in Time
 Archer 5x03 - Archer Vice: A Debt of Honor
 New Worlds 1x03 - Episode 3
 Moone Boy 2x03 - Ghost Raft
 Turn 1x02 - Who by Fire
 Those Who kill 1x05 - Souvenirs
 Janet King 1x06 - Overtime
 About a boy 1x08 - About a Slopmaster
 Awkward 4x02 - Listen To This
 Melissa & Joey 3x29 - Born to Run
 Reign 1x19 - Toy Soldiers
 Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond 1x04 - Part 4
 Bob's Burgers 4x19 - The Kids Run Away
 Believe 1x08 - Together
 Those Who kill 1x07 - A Safe Place
 Hart of Dixie 3x21 - Stuck
 Endeavour 2x02 - Nocturne
 Mixology 1x08 - Jessica & Ron
 Bones 9x24 - The Recluse in the Recliner
 Legit 2x05 - Checkmate
 Vicious 1x07 - Christmas Special 2013
 The Larry Sanders Show 5x13 - Larry's new love
 Rookie Blue 5x05 - Going under
 Blackadder 1x05 - The Witchsmeller Pursuivant
 Mr. Sloane 1x03 - Everybody Must Get Sloaned
 Reno 911! 1x02 - Fireworks
 Chasing Life 1x02 - Help Wanted
 Covert Affairs 5x01 - Shaddy Lane
 Mystery Girls 1x01 - Death Becomes Her
 The Listener 5x06 - Man in the Mirror
 Royal Pains 6x01 - Smoke and Mirrors
 Black Box 1x09 - Sing Like Me
 The Last Ship 1x02 - Welcome To Gitmo
 Undateable 1x05 - My Hero is Me
 The Night Shift 1x04 - Grace Under Fire
 Pretty Little Liars 5x10 -
 Comic Book Men 3x14 -
 Transporter: The Series 1x10 - Cherchez la Femme
 18 to life 2x04 - I Do And I Don't
 New Girl 4x02 - Dice
 New Girl 4x04 - Micro
 Outlander 1x05 - Rent
 Girl Meets World 1x08 - Girl Meets Smackle
 Cristela 1x05 - Super Fan
 Parenthood 6x07 - These Are the Times We Live In
 Arrow 3x07 - Draw Back Your Bow
 Love/Hate 5x02 - Episode 2
 Criminal Minds 10x05 - Boxed In
 American Dad 11x05 - Now and Gwen
 The Awakening 1x03 - Episode 3
 Red Band Society 1x10 - Whay I did for love
 Mulaney 1x01 - Pilot
 Nowhere Boys 2x03 - Episode 3
 Bob's Burgers 4x20 - Gene It On
 Supernatural 6x15 - The French Mistake
 Master Chef 4x04 - MasterChef 4x04
 Master Chef 4x01 - MasterChef 4x01
 Benched 1x01 - Pilot
 Saving Hope 3x14 - Trading Places
 Helix 2x05 - Oubliette
 The Mindy Project 3x20 - What to Expect When You’re Expanding
 House of Cards (2013) 3x06 -
 Master Chef 5x13 - Master Chef 5x13 Top 8 Complete
 Outlander 1x10 - By the Pricking of My Thumbs
 The Night Shift 1x05 - Storm Watch
 Outlander 1x12 - Lallybroch
 Orphan Black 3x02 - Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis
 American Crime (2015) 1x09 - Episode Nine
 Blue Bloods 5x22 - Art of War