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 Revenge 3x16 - Disgrace
 How I Met Your Mother 9x22 - The End of the Aisle
 Baby Daddy 3x10 - An Affair Not To Remember
 Baby Daddy 3x13 - Play It Again, Bonnie
 Greys Anatomy 10x20 - Go It Alone
 Greys Anatomy 10x21 - Change of Heart
 Castle 6x21 - Law & Boarder
 Baby Daddy 3x16 - Curious Georgie
 Baby Daddy 3x17 - Flirty Dancing
 Witches of East End 2x04 - The Brothers Grimoire
 Pretty Little Liars 5x09 - March of Crimes
 Greys Anatomy 11x05 - Bend and Break
 Scandal 4x05 - The Key
 Scandal 4x06 - An Innocent Man
 Once Upon a Time 4x06 - Family Business
 Greys Anatomy 11x06 - Don't Let's Start
 Scandal 4x07 - Baby Made a Mess
 Scandal 4x08 - The Last Supper