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 Da Vinci's Demons 2x04 - The Ends of the Earth
 Da Vinci's Demons 2x03 - The Voyage of the Damned
 The Following 2x12 - Betrayal
 Bates Motel 2x06 - Plunge
 Star Crossed 1x08 - An Old Accustom'd Feast
 Surviving Jack 1x03 - How Do You Talk To An Angel
 The Tomorrow People (US) 1x19 - Modus Vivendi
 The Following 2x13 - The Reaping
 Star Crossed 1x09 - Some Consequences Yet Hanging In The Stars
 Bates Motel 2x07 - Presumed Innocent
 The 100 1x05 - Twilight's Last Gleaming
 From Dusk Till Dawn 1x06 - Place of Dead Roads
 Surviving Jack 1x04 - Rhythm is a Dancer
 Silicon Valley 1x03 - Articles of Incorporation
 Silicon Valley 1x05 - Signaling Risk
 The 100 1x08 - Day Trip
 Black Sails 2x03 - XI
 The Walking Dead 5x14 - Spend
 Salem 2x00 - Witch War
 The Lizzie Borden Chronicles 1x02 - Patron Of The Arts
 American Odyssey 1x03 - Drop King
 Silicon Valley 1x02 - The Cap Table