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 Faking It 1x03 - We Shall Overcompensate
 New Girl 3x23 - Cruise
 Glee 5x20 - The Untitled Rachel Berry Project
 Faking It 1x04 - Know Thy Selfie
 Faking It 1x05 - Remember The Croquembouche
 Faking It 1x06 - Three To Tango
 Orphan Black 2x07 - Knowledge of Causes and Secret Motion of Things
 Orange is the New Black 2x01 - Thirsty Bird
 Orange is the New Black 2x03 - Hugs Can Be Deceiving
 Orange is the New Black 2x06 - You Also Have a Pizza
 Orphan Black 2x08 - Variable and Full of Perturbation
 Orphan Black 2x09 - Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done
 Once Upon a Time 4x03 - Rocky Road
 How to Get Away with Murder 1x14 - The Night Lila Died/It's All My Fault