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 Private Practice 3x16 - Fear of Flying
 Heroes 4x03 - Ink
 Gossip Girl 3x03 - The Lost Boy
 Gossip Girl 3x04 - Dan de Fleurette
 How I Met Your Mother 5x04 - The Sexless Innkeeper
 Gossip Girl 3x05 - Rufus Getting Married
 Heroes 4x06 - Tabula Rasa
 Ugly Betty 4x05 - Plus None
 Lost 6x01 - LA X Part 1
 Ugly Betty 4x13 - Chica and the Man
 Ugly Betty 4x14 - Smokin Hot
 Private Practice 3x17 - Triangles
 Ugly Betty 4x15 - Fire and Nice
 Ugly Betty 4x16 - All the World's a Stage
 Ugly Betty 4x19 - The Past Presents the Future
 Ugly Betty 4x18 - London Calling
 Brothers and Sisters 4x18 - Time after time (part.1 y part.2)
 Law and Order: Criminal Intent 9x02 - Loyalty Part. 2
 Gossip Girl 3x18 - The Unblairable Lightness of Being
 Ugly Betty 4x20 - Hello Goodbye
 Private Practice 3x22 - In the name of love
 Private Practice 4x01 - Take Two
 Brothers and Sisters 5x01 - Homecoming
 Private Practice 4x06 - All in the Family
 Private Practice 4x10 - Just Lose It
 Castle 4x02 - Heroes And Villains
 Gossip Girl 5x01 - Yes Then Zero
 Glee 3x02 - I am Unicorn
 Castle 4x03 - Head Case