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 Lost Girl 1x10 - The Mourning After
 Supernatural 5x09 - The Real Ghotbusters
 Bones 5x07 - The dwarf in the dirt
 Human Target 2x02 - The Wife's Tale
 The Mentalist 3x22 - Rhapsody in Red
 Defying gravity 1x09 - Eve Ate the Apple
 Eureka 4x04 - The Story of O2
 Eureka 4x03 - All The Rage
 Dollhouse 2x02 - Instinct
 CSI NY 6x02 - Blacklist Featuring Grave Digger
 Doctor Who (2005) 6x01 - The Impossible Astronaut
 Stargate Universe 1x03 - Air PART 3
 Bones 5x04 - Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
 CSI NY 6x03 - Lat 40 Degrees 47 Minutes N Long 73 Degrees 58 Minutes W
 CSI 10x03 - Working Stiffs
 Dollhouse 2x03 - Belle Chose
 Flashpoint 3x03 - Just a Man
 CSI NY 6x04 - Dead Reckoning
 Castle 2x04 - Fool Me Once
 Stargate Universe 1x08 - Time
 Bones 5x05 - A Night at the Museum
 CSI - 10x04 - Coup de Grace
 V (2009) 1x02 - There In No Normal Anymore
 The Mentalist 2x04 - Red Menace
 Stargate Universe 1x04 - Darkness
 Castle 2x05 - When the Bough Breaks
 Alcatraz 1x02 - Ernest Cobb
 NCIS Los Angeles 1x05 - Killshot
 CSI NY 6x05 - Battle Scars
 Defying gravity 1x12 - Venus
 The Mentalist 2x05 - Red Scare
 Stargate Universe 1x05 - Light
 Trinity 1x06 - Episode 6
 Castle 2x06 - Vampire Weekend
 Supernatural 5x07 - The Curious Case Of Dean Winchester
 Defying gravity 1x13 - The Kiss
 The Forgotten 1x07 - Railroad Jane
 Stargate Universe 1x06 - Water
 The Forgotten 1x02 - Diamond Jane
 Castle 2x07 - Famous Last Words
 V (2009) 1x01 - Pilot
 CSI NY 6x06 - It happened to me
 The Mentalist 2x06 - Black Gold and Red Blood
 Castle 2x08 - Kill the Messenger
 CSI NY 6x07 - Hammer Down
 Family Guy 8x04 - Brian's Got a Brand New Bag
 Fringe 2x07 - Of Human Action
 Castle 2x09 - Love Me Dead
 CSI NY 6x08 - Cuckoo's Nest
 CSI 10x08 - Lover's Lanes
 The Mentalist 2x08 - His Right Red Hand
 CSI NY 6x09 - Manhattanhenge
 The Forgotten 1x09 - Lucky John
 Lost Girl 2x01 - Something Wicked This Fae
 Stargate Universe 1x10 - Justice
 Star Wars The Clone Wars 2x08 - Brain invaders
 Alice (2009) 1x02 - Part 2
 Dollhouse 2x08 - A Love Supreme
 The Mentalist 2x09 - The Price Above Rubies
 The Forgotten 1x10 - Double Doe
 Castle 3x03 - Under The Gun
 The Event 1x03 - Protect them from the truth.
 Bones 5x11 - The X in the File
 CSI NY 6x12 - Criminal Justice
 CSI 10x13 - Internal Combustion
 Caprica 1x10 - Unvanquished
 The Mentalist 3x09 - Red Moon
 CSI NY 8x08 - Crossroads
 Castle 2x17 - Tick, Tick, Tick
 Death Valley 1x04 - Two Girls, One Cop
 Death Valley 1x08 - Undead Hookers
 Eureka 4x07 - Stoned
 V (2009) 1x06 - Pound of flesh
 Castle 2x20 - The Late Shaft
 V (2009) 1x07 - John May
 CSI NY 6x19 - Redemption
 Fringe 2x18 - White Tulip
 Castle 2x21 - Den of Thieves
 Bones 5x18 - The Predator in the Poo
 Burn Notice 2x02 - Turn And Burn
 Burn Notice 3x02 - Question and Answer
 Stargate Universe 1x15 - Lost
 Burn Notice 3x04 - Fearless Leader
 Supernatural 5x20 - The Devil You Know
 CSI NY 6x20 - Tales From The Undercard
 Happy Town 1x02 - I Came to Haplin for the Waters
 Bones 5x20 - The Witch in the Wardrobe
 CSI 10x21 - LOST & FOUND
 Fringe 2x21 - Northwest Passage
 Stargate Universe 1x16 - Sabotage
 Happy Town 1x03 - Polly Wants A Crack At Her
 CSI 10x22 - Doctor Who
 The Mentalist 2x22 - Red Letter
 Stargate Universe 1x17 - Pain
 Castle 2x24 - A Deadly Game
 V (2009) 1x12 - Red Sky
 In Plain Sight 3x08 - Son of Mann
 CSI NY 6x22 - Point Of View
 Stargate Universe 1x18 - Subversion
 Burn Notice 4x01 - Friends and Enemies
 Burn Notice 4x02 - Fast Friends
 Burn Notice 4x03 - Made Man
 Death Valley 1x06 - The Hottest Day of the Year
 Warehouse 13 2x02 - Mild Mannered
 Warehouse 13 2x05 - 13.1
 Haven 1x02 - Butterfly
 Eureka 4x05 - Crossing Over
 Person of Interest 1x18 - Identity Crisis
 Eureka 4x06 - MOMSTROSITY
 Haven 1x06 - Fur
 Warehouse 13 2x07 - For the Team
 Burn Notice 4x05 - Neighborhood Watch
 Haven 1x07 - Sketchy
 Haven 1x08 - Ain't No Sunshine
 Warehouse 13 2x09 - Vendetta
 Burn Notice 4x04 - Breach Of Faith
 Person of Interest 1x16 - Risk
 Warehouse 13 2x10 - Where and When
 Nikita 1x01 - Pilot
 Haven 1x09 - As You Were
 Eureka 4x09 - I'll Be Seeing You
 Warehouse 13 2x11 - Buried
 Nikita 1x02 - 2.0
 Haven 1x10 - The Hand You're Dealt
 Boardwalk Empire 1x01 - Pilot
 Lost Girl 1x02 - Where There's a Will, There's a Fae
 Castle 3x01 - A Deadly Affair
 Warehouse 13 2x12 - Reset
 Nikita 1x03 - Kill Jill
 CSI NY 7x01 - The 34th Floor
 Boardwalk Empire 1x02 - The Ivory Tower
 Lost Girl 1x03 - Oh Kappa, My Kappa
 NCIS Los Angeles 2x03 - Borderline
 Stargate Universe 2x01 - Intervention
 Castle 3x02 - He's Dead, She's Dead
 Bones 6x02 - The Couple in the Cave
 Fringe 3x02 - The Box
 Nikita 1x04 - Rough Trade
 The Mentalist 3x02 - Cackle-Bladder Blood
 Supernatural 6x02 - Two and a Half Men
 Haven 1x12 - Resurfacing
 Bones 6x15 - The Killer In The Crosshairs
 Caprica 1x02 - Rebirth
 NCIS Los Angeles 2x04 - Special Delivery
 Stargate Universe 2x02 - Aftermath
 Lost Girl 1x04 - Faetal Atracttion
 Weeds 5x07 - Where the Sidewalk Ends
 Weeds 6x02 - Felling And Swamping
 Bones 6x03 - The Maggots in the Meathead
 Fringe 3x03 - The Plateau
 The Mentalist 3x03 - The Blood on His
 Haven 1x13 - Spiral
 CSI NY 7x03 - Damned If You Do
 CSI Miami 9x02 - Sudden Death
 Boardwalk Empire 1x04 - Anastasia
 Weeds 6x08 - Gentle Puppies
 The Event 1x04 - A Matter of Life and Death
 Stargate Universe 2x03 - Awakenings
 NCIS Los Angeles 2x05 - Little Angels
 Caprica 1x11 - Retribution
 Castle 3x04 - Punked
 Criminal Minds 6x04 - Compromising Positions
 CSI NY 7x04 - Sangre Por Sangre
 Bones 6x04 - The Body and the Bounty
 Lost Girl 1x05 - Dead Lucky
 Supernatural 6x04 - Weekend at Bobby's
 Boardwalk Empire 1x05 - Nights in Ballygran
 CSI Miami 9x03 - See no evil
 The Event 1x05 - Casualties of War
 Stargate Universe 2x04 - Pathogen
 NCIS Los Angeles 2x06 - Standoff
 Nikita 1x06 - Resistance
 Star Wars The Clone Wars 3x07 - Assassin
 Caprica 1x12 - Things We Lock Away
 Castle 3x05 - Anatomy of a Murder
 Castle 3x06 - 3XK
 Stargate Universe 2x05 - Cloverdale
 Lost Girl 1x06 - Food for Thought
 The Mentalist 3x06 - Pink Chanel Suit
 Lost Girl 1x07 - ArachnoFaebia
 Stargate Universe 2x06 - Trial and Error
 The Mentalist 3x07 - Red Hot
 CSI 13x01 - Karma to Burn
 Stargate Universe 2x07 - The greater good
 Bones 6x06 - The Shallow in the Deep
 The Mentalist 3x08 - Ball of Fire
 Star Wars The Clone Wars 3x09 - Hunt for Ziro
 Death Valley 1x07 - Who, What, When, Werewolf... Why
 Castle 3x09 - Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind
 Lost Girl 1x08 - Vexed
 CSI 11x09 - Wild Life
 Stargate Universe 2x10 - Resurgence
 Stargate Universe 2x09 - Visitation
 Lost Girl 1x11 - Faetal Justice
 Caprica 1x18 - Apotheosis
 Haven 2x07 - The Tides That Bind
 Lost Girl 1x12 - (Dis)Members Only
 Castle 3x10 - Last Call
 Warehouse 13 2x13 - Secret Santa
 Burn Notice 4x16 - Dead or Alive
 The Mentalist 3x10 - Jolly Red Elf
 Lost Girl 1x13 - Blood Lines
 Bones 6x09 - The Doctor in the Photo
 Burn Notice 4x17 - Out of the Fire
 Burn Notice 4x18 - Last Stand
 Human Target 2x01 - Ilsa Pucci
 The Mentalist 3x11 - Bloodsport
 The Cape 1x02 - Tarot
 Star Wars The Clone Wars 3x12 - Nightsisters
 Star Wars The Clone Wars 3x13 - Monster
 Bones 6x11 - The Bullet in the Brain Subtitle
 Castle 3x12 - Poof! You're Dead
 Spartacus: Gods of the Arena 1x02 - Mission
 Star Wars The Clone Wars 3x15 - Overlords
 Human Target 2x12 - The Trouble With Harry
 Star Wars The Clone Wars 3x16 - Altar of Mortis
 Star Wars The Clone Wars 3x17 - Ghosts Of Mortis
 Castle 3x14 - Lucky Stiff
 Castle 3x15 - The Final Nail
 The Mentalist 3x15 - Red Gold
 Bones 6x14 - The bikini in the Soup
 Castle 3x16 - Set Up (Part 1)
 Criminal Minds 9x02 - The Inspired
 Star Wars The Clone Wars 3x19 - Counter Attack
 The Event 1x11 - And Then There Were More
 The Mentalist 3x16 - Red Queen
 The Event 1x12 - Inostranka
 Star Wars The Clone Wars 3x20 - Citadel Rescue
 Bones 6x16 - The Blackout In The Blizzard
 Star Wars The Clone Wars 3x21 - Padawan Lost
 Stargate Universe 2x13 - Alliances
 Star Wars The Clone Wars 3x22 - Wookie Hunt
 The Mentalist 3x18 - The Red Mile
 CSI 11x18 - Hitting for the cycle
 Camelot 1x02 - The Sword And The Crown
 Doctor Who (2005) 5x14 - A Christmas Carol
 Stargate Universe 2x15 - Seizure
 Bones 6x21 - The Signs in the Silence
 Doctor Who (2005) 6x05 - The Rebel Flesh
 Stargate Universe 2x20 - Gauntlet
 Bones 6x18 - The Truth in the Myth
 Bones 6x20 - The Pinocchio in the Planter
 Bones 6x22 - The Hole in the Heart
 Stargate Universe 2x16 - The Hunt
 Bones 6x23 - The Change in The Game (Season Finale)
 Doctor Who (2005) 6x03 - The Curse of the Black Spot
 Doctor Who (2005) 6x06 - The Almost People (Part 2)
 Doctor Who (2005) 6x07 - A Good Man Goes To War (Part 1)
 Falling Skies 1x01 - Live and Learn & 1x02 The Armory
 Castle 3x17 - The countdowns part2
 Castle 3x18 - One life to lose
 Castle 3x19 - Law & Murder
 Castle 3x20 - Slice of Death
 Castle 3x21 - The Dead Pool
 Castle 3x22 - To Love and Die in L.A.
 Castle 3x23 - Pretty Dead
 Castle 3x24 - Knockout
 Warehouse 13 3x01 - The New Guy
 Eureka 4x11 - Liftoff
 Haven 2x01 - A Tale of Two Audreys
 Warehouse 13 3x02 - Trials
 Haven 2x04 - Sparks and Recreation
 NCIS Los Angeles 3x01 - Lange, H.
 Haven 2x02 - Fear & Loathing
 Haven 2x06 - Audrey Parkers Day Off
 Haven 2x05 - Roots
 Haven 2x12 - Sins of the Fathers
 Haven 2x08 - Friend or Faux
 Haven 2x09 - Lockdown
 Death Valley 1x01 - Pilot
 Warehouse 13 3x11 - Emily Lake - Stand
 Criminal Minds 7x03 - Dorado Falls
 The Mentalist 4x03 - Pretty Red Balloon
 Downton Abbey 2x04 - Episode 4
 Doctor Who (2005) 6x13 - The Wedding of River Song
 American Horror Story 1x01 - Pilot
 American Horror Story 1x03 - Murder House
 Death Valley 1x03 - Blood Vessels
 Once Upon a Time 1x01 - Pilot
 Downton Abbey 2x07 - Episode 7
 Death Valley 1x09 - Tick... Tick... BOOM!
 Bones 7x01 - The Memories in the Shallow Grave
 Grimm 1x02 - Bears Will Be Bears
 CSI 12x07 - Brain Doe
 Criminal Minds 7x07 - There's No Place Like Home
 NCIS Los Angeles 3x08 - Greed
 CSI NY 8x07 - Crushed
 Boardwalk Empire 2x08 - Two Boats And A Lifeguard
 Bones 7x03 - The Prince in the Plastic
 Criminal Minds 7x08 - Hope
 Death Valley 1x10 - Assault on Precinct
 Death Valley 1x11 - Partners
 Death Valley 1x12 - Peace in the Valley
 CSI NY 8x09 - Means to an End
 Star Wars The Clone Wars 4x12 - Slaves of the Republic
 Bones 7x04 - The Male in the Mail
 Haven 2x13 - Silent Night
 Warehouse 13 3x13 - The Greatest Gift
 Bones 7x05 - The Twist in The Twister
 CSI 12x10 - Genetic Disorder
 Criminal Minds 7x10 - The Bittersweet Science
 Eureka 4x21 - Do You See What I See
 American Horror Story 1x12 - Afterbirth
 Grimm 1x01 - Pilot
 Grimm 1x03 -
 Grimm 1x05 - Dance Macabre
 Grimm 1x04 - Lonelyhearts
 Grimm 1x06 - The Three Bad Wolves
 Grimm 1x07 - Let your Hair Down
 Sherlock 2x02 - The Hounds of Baskerville
 Grimm 1x08 - Game Ogre
 Alcatraz 1x01 - Pilot
 The Mentalist 4x11 - Always Bet on Red
 CSI 12x11 - Ms. Willows Regrets
 Criminal Minds 7x11 - True Genius
 Grimm 1x09 - Of Mouse and Man
 Alcatraz 1x03 - Kit Nelson
 The Finder 1x01 - An Orphan Walks into a Bar
 The Finder 1x02 - Bullets
 CSI 12x12 - Willows in the Wind
 The Finder 1x03 - A Cinderella Story
 Grimm 1x11 - Tarantella
 The Mentalist 4x18 - Ruddy Cheeks
 The River 1x01 - Pilot (Magus)
 The Finder 1x06 - Little Green Men
 Grimm 1x12 - Last Grimm Standing
 Alcatraz 1x07 - Johnny McKee
 The Mentalist 4x17 - Cheap Burgundy
 Fringe 3x05 - Amber 31422
 Alcatraz 1x10 - Sonny Burnett
 Fringe 3x09 - Marionette
 The Finder 1x07 - Eye of the Storm
 Fringe 4x05 - Novation
 Fringe 4x06 - And Those We've Left Behind
 Fringe 4x07 - Wallflower
 CSI 12x17 - Trends with Benefits
 Star Wars The Clone Wars 4x22 - Revenge
 Criminal Minds 7x17 - I Love You, Tommy Brown
 CSI 12x18 - Malice in Wonderland
 Fringe 4x16 - Nothing As It Seems
 Bones 7x07 - Prisoner in the Pipe
 Grimm 1x16 - The Thing with Feathers
 Criminal Minds 7x19 - Heathridge Manor
 The Finder 1x08 - Life After Death
 Fringe 4x17 - Everything in Its Right Place
 Bones 7x08 - The Bump in the Road
 Warehouse 13 4x04 - There's Always A Downside
 Fringe 4x18 - The Consultant
 Criminal Minds 7x20 - The Company
 CSI 12x20 - Altered Stakes
 Grimm 1x18 - Cat and Mouse
 CSI 12x22 - Homecoming
 The Finder 1x09 - The last meal
 The Finder 1x10 - The Conversation
 Eureka 5x01 - Lost
 Eureka 5x02 - The Real Thing
 The Mentalist 4x21 - Ruby Slippers
 Grimm 1x19 - Leave It to Beavers
 Eureka 5x03 - Force Quit
 Criminal Minds 7x21 - divining rod
 The Finder 1x11 - The Inheritance
 The Finder 1x12 - Voodoo Undo
 Grimm 1x20 - Happily Ever Aftermath
 Bones 7x12 - The Suit on the Set
 Criminal Minds 7x22 - Profiling 101
 The Mentalist 4x23 - Red Rover, Red Rover
 Eureka 5x05 - Jack Of All Trades
 Bones 7x13 - The Past in the Present
 The Mentalist 4x24 - The Crimson Hat
 Once Upon a Time 1x02 - The Thing You Love Most
 Once Upon a Time 1x20 - The Stranger
 Eureka 5x08 - In Too Deep
 Person of Interest 1x07 - Witness
 Person of Interest 1x08 - Foe
 Person of Interest 1x09 - Get Carter
 Person of Interest 1x13 - Root Cause
 Person of Interest 1x14 - Wolf and Cub
 Person of Interest 1x15 - Blue Code
 Person of Interest 1x20 - Matsya Nyaya
 Person of Interest 1x23 - Firewall
 Lost Girl 2x05 - Brother Fae Of The Wolve
 Lost Girl 2x06 - It's Better To Burn Out Than Fae Away
 Lost Girl 2x02 - I Fought the Fae (and the Fae Won)
 Lost Girl 2x04 - Mirror, Mirror
 Lost Girl 2x07 - Fae Gone Wild
 Lost Girl 2x12 - Masks
 Lost Girl 2x13 - Barometz. Trick. Pressure
 Lost Girl 2x14 - Midnight Lamp
 Lost Girl 2x18 - Fae-nted Love
 Lost Girl 2x19 - Truth And Consequences
 Lost Girl 2x09 - Original Skin
 Warehouse 13 4x01 - A New Hope
 Warehouse 13 4x02 - An Evil Within
 Warehouse 13 4x03 - Personal Effects
 Grimm 2x01 - Bad teeth
 Grimm 2x03 - Bad Moon Rising
 Warehouse 13 4x07 - Endless Wonder
 Bones 8x01 - The Future In The Past
 Eureka 5x12 - Double Take.
 Weeds 8x04 - Only Judy Can Judge
 Weeds 8x08 - Five Miles From Yetzer Hara
 Weeds 8x09 - Saplings
 Weeds 8x12 - It's Time (Part 1 & Part 2)
 Haven 3x01 - 301
 Warehouse 13 4x09 - The ones you love
 Person of Interest 2x01 - The Contingency
 Star Wars The Clone Wars 5x01 - Revival
 The Mentalist 5x01 - The Crimson Ticket
 Haven 3x03 - The Farmer
 Grimm 2x06 - Over My Dead Body
 Copper 1x08 - Better Times Are Coming
 Bones 8x04 - The Tiger in the Tale
 Criminal Minds 8x14 - All that remains
 CSI 13x02 - Code Blue Plate Special
 CSI 13x03 - Wild Flowers
 Haven 3x05 - Jeopardy
 CSI 13x04 - It Was a Very Good
 Person of Interest 2x04 - Triggerman
 Haven 3x06 - Real Estate
 The Mentalist 5x06 - Cherry Picked
 Haven 3x07 - Magic Hour (1)
 Bones 8x05 - The Method in the Madness
 Criminal Minds 8x06 - The Apprenticeship
 Haven 3x08 - Magic Hour (2)
 Bones 8x07 - The Bod in the Pod
 Haven 3x10 - Burned
 Haven 3x11 - Last Goodbyes
 Criminal Minds 8x10 - The Lesson
 Criminal Minds 8x11 - Perennials
 The Mentalist 5x11 - Days of Wine & Roses
 Bones 8x13 - The Twist In The Plot
 Bones 8x15 - The Shot In The Dark
 Star Wars The Clone Wars 5x20 - The Wrong Jedi
 Vegas 1x16 - Little Fish
 Defiance 1x04 - A Well Respected Man
 Defiance 1x03 - The Devil in the Dark
 Defiance 1x05 - The serpent's egg
 Defiance 1x06 - Brothers in Arms
 Defiance 1x07 - Goodbye Blue Sky
 Ripper Street 2x01 - Pure as the Driven
 Bones 9x08 - The Dude In The Dam
 Bones 9x10 - The Mystery in the Meat
 Criminal Minds 9x09 - Strange Fruit
 The Blacklist 1x05 - The Courier
 The Blacklist 1x11 - The Good Samaritan Killer
 The Blacklist 1x12 - The Alchemist
 Person of Interest 2x09 - C.O.D.
 Person of Interest 2x16 - Relevance
 Person of Interest 2x17 - Proteus
 Person of Interest 3x05 - Razgovor
 Bones 9x16 - The Source in the Sludge
 The Blacklist 1x20 - The Kingmaker
 Bones 10x06 - The Lost Love in the Foreign Land
 Star Wars Rebels 1x12 - Call to Action
 Criminal Minds 10x22 - Protection
 Star Wars The Clone Wars 2x09 - Grievous Intrigue
 Bones 5x21 - The Boy With The Answer
 Star Wars The Clone Wars 3x05 - Corruption
 Human Target 2x13 - marshall pucci
 The Mentalist 4x08 - Pink Tops
 Fringe 4x08 - Back to Where You've Never Been
 Criminal Minds 7x18 - Foundation
 Once Upon a Time 1x21 - An Apple Red as Blood
 Haven 3x02 - Stay
 Person of Interest 3x14 - Provenance
 Burn Notice 4x08 - Where There's Smoke
 The Mentalist 6x05 - The Red Tattoo
 The Blacklist 1x13 - The Cyprus Agency