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 True Blood 7x00 - A Farewell to Bon Temps
 Defiance 2x01 - The Opposite of Hallelujah
 Unforgettable 3x01 - New Hundred
 Unforgettable 3x02 - The Combination
 Defiance 2x04 - Beasts of Burden
 Unforgettable 3x03 - The Haircut
 Unforgettable 3x04 - Cashing Out
 Defiance 2x06 - This Woman's Work
 Unforgettable 3x05 - A Moveable Feast
 Unforgettable 3x06 - Stray Bullet
 Unforgettable 3x07 - Throwing Shade
 Unforgettable 3x08 - The Island
 Unforgettable 3x11 - True Identity
 Unforgettable 3x12 - Moving On
 Unforgettable 3x13 - DOA
 Homeland 4x05 - About A Boy
 Person of Interest 4x06 - Pretenders
 American Horror Story 4x10 - Orphans
 The Fall 2x06 - In Summation
 Person of Interest 4x17 - Karma
 Criminal Minds 10x17 - Breath Play