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 Private Practice 2x14 - Second Chances
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 Private Practice 2x03 - Nothing to Talk About
 Grey's Anatomy 5x06 - Life During Wartime
 Grey's Anatomy 5x07 - Rise Up
 Private Practice 2x05 - Let It Go
 True Blood 1x10 - I don't wanna know
 Grey's Anatomy 5x09 - In the Midnight Hour
 Private Practice 2x06 - Serving Two Masters
 Private Practice 2x07 - Tempting Faith
 Private Practice 2x08 - Crime and Punishment
 Private Practice 2x11 - Contamination
 Grey's Anatomy 5x12 - Sympathy For The Devil
 Private Practice 2x12 - Homeward Bound
 Private Practice 2x14 - Second Chances
 Private Practice 2x15 - Pick Us Choose Us Love Us