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 Castle 7x19 - Habeas Corpus
 Scandal 4x18 - Honor Thy Father
 The Comedians 1x03 - The Red Carpet
 The Comedians 1x04 - Celebrity Guest
 The Comedians 1x05 - Go for Gad
 The Comedians 1x07 - Billy's Birthday
 The Comedians 1x08 - Charity
 The Comedians 1x09 - Damage Control
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 Scandal 4x01 - Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia
 The Good Wife 6x02 - Trust Issues
 Castle 7x01 - Driven
 Scandal 4x02 - The State of the Union
 Castle 7x02 - Montreal
 The Comedians 1x06 - Orange You the New Black Guy
 Scandal 4x22 - You Can't Take Command
 Castle 7x03 - Clear and Present Danger
 Castle 7x04 - Child's Play
 Homeland 4x03 - Shalwar Kameez
 Homeland 4x05 - About A Boy
 Castle 7x05 - Meme is Murder
 Castle 7x06 - The Time of Our Lifes
 Castle 7x07 - Once Upon a Time in the West
 Castle 7x08 - Kill Switch
 Castle 7x09 - Last Action Hero
 Castle 7x10 - Bad Santa
 Homeland 4x11 - Krieg Nicht Lieb
 Homeland 4x12 - Long Time Coming
 Body of Proof 3x02 - Abducted (Part 2)
 Castle 7x11 - Castle, P.I.
 Body of Proof 2x07 - Hard Knocks
 Castle 7x12 - Private Eye Caramba
 Parks and Recreation 7x03 - William Henry Harrison / Leslie & Ron
 Parks and Recreation 7x05 - Gryzzlbox
 Castle 7x13 - I, Witness
 Castle 7x14 - Resurrection
 Castle 1x01 - Flowers for Your Grave
 Castle 1x02 - Nanny McDead
 Castle 1x03 - Hedge Fund Homeboys
 Castle 7x15 - Reckoning
 Parks and Recreation 7x11 - Two Funerals
 Scandal 4x13 - No more blood
 Castle 7x16 - The Wrong Stuff
 Parks and Recreation 7x12 - One Last Ride
 Scandal 4x14 - The lawn chair
 The Good Wife 6x14 - Mind's Eye
 Greys Anatomy 11x15 - I Feel the Earth Move
 Scandal 4x15 - The Testimony Of Diego Muñoz
 Scandal 4x16 - It's Good to Be Kink
 The Good Wife 6x15 - Source Code
 Castle 7x17 - Hong Kong Hustle
 The Good Wife 6x16 - Red Meat
 Castle 7x18 - At Close Range
 Scandal 4x17 - Put a Ring on It
 The Good Wife 6x17 - Undisclosed Recipients
 Castle 7x19 - Habeas Corpus
 Scandal 4x18 - Honor Thy Father
 The Good Wife 6x19 - Winning Ugly
 Greys Anatomy 11x18 - When I Grow Up
 Body of Proof 1x09 - Broken Home
 Body of Proof 2x03 - Missing
 Body of Proof 2x05 - Point of Origin
 Body of Proof 2x06 - Second Chances
 Body of Proof 2x08 - Love Bites
 Body of Proof 2x10 - Your Number's Up
 Body of Proof 2x11 - Falling for You
 Body of Proof 2x12 - Shades of Blue
 Body of Proof 2x13 - Sympathy for the Devil
 Body of Proof 2x14 - Cold Blooded
 Body of Proof 2x15 - Occupational Hazards
 Body of Proof 3x13 - Daddy Issues
 Body of Proof 3x01 - Abducted - Part 1
 Greys Anatomy 11x19 - Crazy Love
 Body of Proof 3x03 - Lost Souls
 Scandal 4x19 - I'm Just a Bill
 Greys Anatomy 11x20 - One Flight Down
 The Comedians 1x01 - Pilot
 Castle 7x20 - Sleeper
 The Comedians 1x02 - Come to the House
 Scandal 4x20 - First Lady Sings the Blues
 The Good Wife 6x20 - The Deconstruction
 Castle 7x21 - In Plane Sight
 The Comedians 1x03 - The Red Carpet
 Greys Anatomy 11x22 - She's leaving Home
 The Good Wife 6x21 - Don't Fail
 Castle 7x22 - Dead From New York
 The Comedians 1x04 - Celebrity Guest
 Greys Anatomy 11x23 - Time Stops
 Scandal 4x21 - A Few Good Women
 The Comedians 1x05 - Go for Gad
 The Good Wife 6x22 - Wanna Partner
 Castle 7x23 - Hollander's Woods
 The Comedians 1x07 - Billy's Birthday
 The Messengers 1x06 - Metamorphosis
 The Comedians 1x08 - Charity
 The Comedians 1x09 - Damage Control
 The Comedians 1x10 - Misdirection
 Scandal 4x03 - Inside the Bubble
 Greys Anatomy 11x21 - How To Save A Live