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 The Leftovers 1x05 - Gladys
 Unforgettable 3x05 - A Moveable Feast
 The Leftovers 1x06 - Guest
 True Blood 7x08 - Almost Home
 Covert Affairs 5x09 - Spit on a Stranger
 The Leftovers 1x10 - The Prodigal Son Returns
 Rush 1x10 - Sweet Symphony
 Person of Interest 4x01 - Panopticon
 The Mindy Project 3x02 - Annette Castellano Is My Nemesis
 Manhattan (2014) 1x10 - The Understudy
 Transparent 1x03 - Rollin'
 Bones 10x02 - The Lance to the Heart
 Blue Bloods 5x02 - Forgive and Forget
 Star Wars Rebels 1x01 - Spark of Rebellion
 NCIS Los Angeles 6x02 - Inelegant Heart
 Person of Interest 4x03 - Wingman
 Stalker 1x02 - Whatever Happened to Baby James?
 Reign 2x02 - Drawn and Quartered
 Homeland 4x03 - Shalwar Kameez
 Intruders 1x08 - There Is No End (Season Finale)
 The Vampire Diaries 6x03 - Welcome To Paradise
 Workaholics 3x05 - Good Mourning
 The Walking Dead 5x02 - Strangers
 The Blacklist 2x05 - The Front
 The Big Bang Theory 8x06 - The Expedition Approximation
 Homeland 4x06 - From A To B And Back Again
 Bones 10x07 - The Money Maker on the Merry-Go-Round
 7th Heaven 2x02 - See You In September
 The Mindy Project 3x07 - We Need To Talk About Annette
 The Walking Dead 5x06 - Consumed
 Person of Interest 4x08 - Point Of Origin
 Fargo 1x06 - Buridan's Ass
 Blue Bloods 5x08 - Power of the Press
 The Walking Dead 5x08 - Coda
 Better Call Saul 1x01 - Uno
 Better Call Saul 1x02 - Mijo
 The Walking Dead 5x10 - Them
 Better Call Saul 1x03 - Nacho
 Vikings 3x01 - Mercenary
 The Walking Dead 5x11 - The Distance
 Better Call Saul 1x04 - Hero
 Better Call Saul 1x05 - Alpine Shepherd Boy
 The Americans 3x07 - Walter Taffet
 The Walking Dead 5x14 - Spend
 Bates Motel 3x02 - The Arcanum Club
 Jordskott 1x03 -
 The Last Man On Earth 1x01 - Alive in Tucson -The Elephant in the Room
 NCIS 12x19 - Patience
 The Americans 3x10 - Stingers
 American Crime (2015) 1x07 - Episode Seven
 The Flash 2014 1x22 - Rogue Air
 Your Family Or Mine 1x08 - The Pantry
 Wayward Pines 1x04 - One of Our Senior Realtors Has Chosen to Retire
 Finding Carter 2x11 - Wrecking Ball
 The Whispers 1x03 - Collision
 True Detective 2x01 - The Western Book Of The Dead
 The Brink 1x01 - Pilot
 Under the Dome 3x01 - Move on / But I'm not