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 Extant 1x09 - Care and Feeding (1x09-10)
 Extant 1x11 - A New World
 Finding Carter 1x11 - The Long Goodbye
 The Strain 1x06 - Occultation
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 Extant 1x09 - Care and Feeding (1x09-10)
 Extant 1x06 - Nightmares
 Hemlock Grove 2x08 - Unicorn
 Hemlock Grove 2x09 - Tintypes
 Hemlock Grove 2x10 - Demons and the Dogstar
 The Strain 1x04 - It's Not for Everyone
 Extant 1x05 - What on Earth Is Wrong?
 The Strain 1x05 - Runaways
 Intruders 1x04 - Ave Verum Corpus
 The Leftovers 1x08 - Cairo
 The Strain 1x06 - Occultation
 Extant 1x07 - More in Heaven and Earth
 The Leftovers 1x09 - The Garveys at Their Best
 Intruders 1x02 - And Hereā€¦ You Must Listen
 The Last Ship 1x10 - No place like home
 The Killing 4x02 - Unraveling
 The Killing 4x01 - Blood In The Water
 The Strain 1x08 - Creatures of the Night
 Extant 1x11 - A New World
 Legends 1x04 - Betrayal
 Intruders 1x03 - Time Has Come Today
 The Strain 1x09 - The Disappeared
 Finding Carter 1x11 - The Long Goodbye
 Extant 1x12 - Before The Blood
 Finding Carter 1x12 - One Hour Photo
 Extant 1x13 - Ascension
 Intruders 1x05 - The Shepherds and the Fox
 The Blacklist 2x01 - Lord Baltimore
 Legends 1x07 - Quicksand
 Legends 1x08 - Iconoclast
 Z Nation 1x03 - Philly Feast
 The Strain 1x12 - Last Rites
 The Blacklist 2x02 - Monarch Douglas Bank
 Z Nation 1x04 - Full Metal Zombie
 Intruders 1x06 - Bound
 Intruders 1x07 - The Crossing Place
 Intruders 1x08 - There Is No End (Season Finale)
 The Strain 1x13 - The Master