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 Ancient Aliens (2010) 7x00 - Faces of the gods
 NOVA 42x02 - Rise of the Hackers
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 The Royals 1x02 - Infants of the Spring
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 7x13 - The Great Flood
 In Search of Aliens 1x03 - The Mystery of Loch Ness
 In Search of Aliens 1x07 - The Mystery of Puma Punku
 NOVA 40x10 - Building Pharaoh's Chariot
 Downton Abbey 5x07 - Episode 7
 Human Universe 1x01 - Apeman - Spaceman
 Human Universe 1x02 - Why are we here?
 Human Universe 1x03 - Are we alone?
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 7x06 - Forbidden Caves
 Human Universe 1x04 - A place in space and time.
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 7x07 - Mysteries of the Sphinx
 Human Universe 1x05 - What is our future?
 In Search of Aliens 1x09 - The mystery of Nazca
 In Search of Aliens 1x06 - The mystery of Cyclops
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 7x12 - Alien Messages
 In Search of Aliens 1x08 - The Founding of America
 In Search of Aliens 1x10 - The Alien Code
 In Search of Aliens 1x04 - The Roswell Rock
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 7x09 - The Genius Factor
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 7x10 - Secrets of the Mummies
 In Search of Aliens 1x05 - Searching for Bigfoot
 The Royals 1x01 - Stand and Unfold Yourself
 Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery 1x01 - The Shroud of Turin
 Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery 1x02 - John the Baptist
 The Royals 1x03 - We are pictures, or mere beasts
 The Royals 1x04 - Sweet, Not Lasting
 Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery 1x03 - The Gospel of Judas
 Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery 1x04 - Secret Brother of Jesus
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 7x14 - Aliens and the Civil War
 The Royals 1x05 - Unmask her beauty to the moon
 The Royals 1x06 - The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune
 The Royals 1x07 - Your Sovereignty of Reason
 The Amazing Race 26x07 - Back in business
 Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery 1x06 - The Gospel of Mary Magdalene
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 7x15 - Hidden Pyramids
 The Royals 1x08 - The Great Man Down
 Game of Thrones 5x05 - Kill the Boy
 Game of Thrones 5x08 - Hardhome
 The Royals 1x09 - In My Heart There Was a Kind of Fighting
 Game of Thrones 5x10 - Mother's Mercy
 The Royals 1x10 - Our Wills and Fates Do So Contrary Run