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 Franklin & Bash 4x03 - Love Is The Drug
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 Hart of Dixie 4x09 - End of Days
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 Once Upon a Time 4x15 - Enter The Dragon
 Secrets & Lies (US) 1x04 - The Sister
 Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1x02 - The Harvest
 Cougar Town 6x12 - A Two Story Town
 The Mysteries of Laura 1x17 - The Mystery of the Intoxicated Intern
 Secrets & Lies (US) 1x06 - The Confession
 The Mysteries of Laura 1x18 - The Mystery of the Sunken Sailor
 Secrets & Lies (US) 1x07 - The Cop
 Secrets & Lies (US) 1x08 - The Son
 The Mysteries of Laura 1x19 - The Mistery of the Dodgy Draft
 Secrets & Lies (US) 1x10 - The Lie
 Good Witch 1x02 - Running Scared
 Good Witch 1x03 - Do the Right Thing
 The Mysteries of Laura 1x20 - The Mystery of the Crooked Clubber
 The Mysteries of Laura 1x22 - The Mystery of the Corner Store Crossfire
 Mistresses (US) 3x01 - Gone Girl
 Pretty Little Liars 6x04 - Don't Look Now
 Devious Maids 3x04 - Since You Went Away
 Good Witch 1x05 - The Truth About Lies