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 Mom 2x05 - Kimchi and a Monkey Playing Harmonica
 The Mentalist 7x01 - Nothing but blue skies
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 Sleepy Hollow 2x11 - The Akeda
 Love/Hate 5x04 - Capitulo 4
 Forever 1x10 - The Man in the Killer Suit
 New Girl 4x10 - Girl Fight
 Nashville 3x09 - Two Sides to Every Story
 Mom 2x06 - Crazy Eyes and a Wet Brad Pitt
 The Game (UK) 1x05 - Episode 5
 Mad About You 2x03 - Bedfellows
 The Exes 4x05 - Oh Brother Here Art Thou
 MasterChef Junior 2x04 - An Egg-Cellent Adventure
 Mad About You 2x04 - Married to the Job
 The Simpsons 26x09 - I Won't Be Home for Christmas
 Revenge 4x10 - Atonement
 Family Guy 13x06 - The 2000-Year-Old Virgin
 Mike & Molly 5x01 - The Book of Molly
 Switched At Birth 3x22 - Yuletide Fortune Tellers
 Pretty Little Liars 5x13 - How the A Stole Christmas
 Modern Family 6x10 - Haley's 21st Birthday
 Mad About You 2x08 - Surprise
 The Big Bang Theory 8x11 - The Clean Room Infiltration