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 Revenge 4x12 - Madness
 Castle 7x11 - Castle, P.I.
 Pretty Little Liars 5x15 - Fresh Meat
 The Mentalist 7x07 - Little Yellow House
 Revenge 4x13 - Abduction
 Resurrection (2014) 2x12 - Steal Away
 Castle 7x12 - Private Eye Caramba
 Resurrection (2014) 2x13 - Love in Return
 The Mentalist 7x09 - Copper Bullet
 The Mentalist 7x11 - Byzantium
 Broadchurch 2x07 - Episode 7
 Pretty Little Liars 5x20 - Pretty Isn't the Point
 The Mentalist 7x12 - Brown Shag Carpet & White Orchids
 Broadchurch 2x08 - Episode 8
 Pretty Little Liars 5x21 - Bloody Hell
 Once Upon a Time 4x13 - Darkness on the Edge of Town
 Pretty Little Liars 5x22 - To Plea or Not to Plea
 Revenge 4x15 - Bait
 Castle 7x17 - Hong Kong Hustle
 Pretty Little Liars 5x24 - I'm a Good Girl, I Am
 Revenge 4x17 - Loss
 Castle 7x18 - At Close Range
 The Following 3x05 - A Hostile Witness
 Pretty Little Liars 5x25 - Welcome To The Dollhouse
 Ordinary Lies 1x03 - Episode 3
 Revenge 4x18 - Clarity
 Revenge 4x19 - Exposure
 Revenge 4x20 - Burn
 2 Broke Girls 4x18 - And the Taste Test
 Castle 7x20 - Sleeper
 Modern Family 6x20 - Knock 'Em Down
 Revenge 4x21 - Aftermath
 Modern Family 6x21 - Integrity
 2 Broke Girls 4x19 - And the Look of the Irish
 Revenge 4x22 - Plea
 Castle 7x22 - Dead From New York
 2 Broke Girls 4x20 - And the Minor Problem
 Modern Family 6x22 - Patriot Games
 Once Upon a Time 04x22 - Operation Mongoose
 Castle 7x23 - Hollander's Woods
 2 Broke Girls 4x21 - And the Grate Expectations
 Modern Family 6x23 - Crying Out Loud
 2 Broke Girls 4x22 - And the Disappointing Unit
 Modern Family 6x24 - American Skyper
 Pretty Little Liars 6x03 - Songs of Experience
 Pretty Little Liars 5x17 - The Bin of Sin