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 Parenthood 6x12 - We Made it Through the Night
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 Grimm 4x10 - Tribunal
 Helix 2x02 - Reunion
 Hindsight 1x03 - I Never...
 Constantine 1x10 - Quid Pro Quo
 Banshee 3x03 - A Fixer of Sorts
 Black Sails 2x01 - IX
 Revenge 4x14 - Kindred
 Lost Girl 5x08 - End of Faes
 Bad Judge 1x13 - Case Closed
 State of Affairs 1x10 - The War at Home
 Eye Candy 1x04 - YOLO
 Forever 1x14 - Hitler on the Half Shell
 Sleepy Hollow 2x18 - Tempus Fugit
 Eye Candy 1x07 - SOS
 Arrow 3x12 - Uprising