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 The Inbetweeners 3x05 - Home alone
 The Middle 2x04 - The quarry
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 The Middle 1x04 - The Trip
 Community 1x06 - Football Feminism and You
 Modern Family 1x05 - Coal Digger
 Raising Hope 1x03 - Dream Hoarders
 Pretty Little Liars 1x02 - The Jenna Thing
 Persons Unknown 1x03 - the way through
 Pretty Little Liars 1x03 - To Kill a Mocking Girl
 100 Questions 1x05 - wayne
 Persons Unknown 1x04 - Exit One
 Life Unexpected 2x01 - Ocean Uncharted
 The Inbetweeners 3x02 - The Gig And The Girlfriend
 90210 3x02 - Age of Inheritance
 Community 2x01 - Anthropology 101
 My generation 1x01 - Pilot
 This Is England 86 1x03 - Episode 3
 The Inbetweeners 3x03 - Will's Dilemma
 The Whole Truth 1x02 - Thicker Than Water
 The Inbetweeners 3x04 - Trip To Warwick
 The Whole Truth 1x03 - Judicial Discretion
 Haven 1x13 - Spiral
 Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia 6x04 - Mac's Big Break
 Him & Her 1x05 - The Parents
 Brothers and Sisters 5x03 - Faking It
 The Inbetweeners 3x05 - Home alone
 Caprica 1x11 - Retribution
 Lie to Me 3x02 - The Royal We
 Community 2x04 - Basic rocket science
 The Mentalist 3x04 - Red Carpet Treatment
 The Middle 2x04 - The quarry
 Him & Her 1x06 - The Argument
 The Inbetweeners 3x06 - The Camping Trip
 CSI 11x05 - House of Hoarders
 The Office 7x05 - The Sting
 90210 3x08 - Mother Dearest
 Him & Her 1x04 - The Football
 The Middle 1x02 - The Cheerleader