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 Looking 2x04 - Looking Down the Road
 Sleepy Hollow 2x16 - What Lies Beneath
 Elementary 3x14 - The Female of the Species
 Black Sails 2x09 - XVII
 Justified 6x07 - The Hunt
 The Simpsons 26x17 - Waiting for Duffman
 Shameless US 5x09 - Carl's First Sentencing
 Murdoch Mysteries 7x12 - Unfinished Business
 Supernatural 10x15 - The Things They Carried
 Allegiance 1x07 - Stranger in a Strange Land
 12 Monkeys 1x10 - Divine Move
 Revenge 4x17 - Loss
 Forever 1x18 - Dead Men Tell Long Tales
 iZombie (2015) 1x02 - Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?
 Person of Interest 4x18 - Skip
 Modern Family 6x18 - Spring Break
 American Crime (2015) 1x04 - Epiisode Four
 Grimm 4x15 - Double Date
 Hart of Dixie 4x10 - BlueBell
 Murdoch Mysteries 7x16 - Kung Fu Crabtree
 Grimm 4x22 - Cry Havoc
 The Flash 2014 1x15 - Out of time