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 The Following 3x15 - The Reckoning
 The Originals 2x22 - Ashes to Ashes
 Chicago Fire 3x23 - Spartacus
 Arrow 3x23 - My Name Is Oliver Queen
 Scandal 4x22 - You Can't Take Command
 Bones 10x19 - The Murder in the Middle East
 Scandal 4x21 - A Few Good Women
 Arrow 3x22 - This is Your Sword
 Axe Cop 2x05 - Mark Frankenstein
 Outlander 1x16 - To Ransom a Man's Soul
 Trust Me 1x09 - Odd Man Out
 Trust Me 1x10 - Thanks I Needed
 Pretty Little Liars 6x02 - Songs of Innocence