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 Between 1x03 - Crossing Lines
 Turn 2x07 - Valley Forge
 The Night Shift 2x01 - Recovery
 Stalker 1x19 - Love Hurts
 The Night Shift 1x08 - Save Me
 Salem 2x07 - The Beckoning Fair One
 The Night Shift 2x07 - Best Laid Plans
 Salem 2x08 - Dead Birds
 Turn 2x08 - Providence
 Turn 2x09 - The Prodigal
 Salem 2x09 - Wages of Sin
 Texas Rising 1x03 - Blood For Blood
 Salem 2x10 - Til Death Do Us Part
 The Night Shift 2x02 - Back at the Ranch
 The Night Shift 2x03 - Eyes Look Your Last
 The Night Shift 2x04 - Shock to the Heart
 Salem 2x11 - On Earth as in Hell
 The Night Shift 2x13 - Sunrise, Sunset
 The Night Shift 2x14 - Darkest Before Dawn
 The Night Shift 2x12 - Moving On