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 Legend of the Seeker 2x18 - Walter
 30 Rock 4x06 - Sun tea
 Two And a Half Men 7x09 - Captain Terry's Spray-On Hair
 The Thick of It 1x01 - Episode 1
 Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia 5x10 - D.E.N.N.I.S.
 The Good Wife 1x09 - Threesome
 NCIS Los Angeles 1x09 - Random on Purpose
 Life 2009 1x02 - Reptiles and Amphibians
 Cougar Town 1x09 - Here Comes My Girl
 The Middle 1x08 - Thanksgiving
 Glee 1x11 - Hairography
 Parks and Recreation 2x10 - Hunting Trip
 Merlin 2x10 - Sweet dreams
 Ugly Betty 4x07 - Level 7
 8 Simple rules 1x01 - Pilot
 8 Simple rules 1x02 - Wall of shame
 Californication 3x10 - Dogtown
 Spooks 8x04 - Episode 4
 30 Rock 4x07 - Dealbreakers Talk Show
 Crash 2x11 - Calm Like a Bomb
 Mercy 1x09 - Some of Us Have Been to the Desert
 Spooks 8x06 - Episode 6
 Parks and Recreation 2x11 - The Fourth Floor
 30 Rock 4x08 - Secret Santa
 Californication 3x12 - Mia culpa
 Parks and Recreation 2x15 - Sweetums
 CSI NY 6x16 - Uncertainty Rules
 Law and Order: SVU 11x13 - P.C.
 Law and Order: SVU 11x14 - Savior
 How I Met Your Mother 5x17 - Of Course
 Trauma 1x11 - Tunnel vision
 The Forgotten 1x15 - Donovan Doe
 30 Rock 4x14 - Future Husband
 Secret Diary of a Call Girl 3x08 - Episode 8
 Ghost Whisperer 5x16 - Old Sins Cast Long Shadows
 Parks and Recreation 2x19 - Park Safety
 Parenthood 1x04 - Wassup
 Parks and Recreation 2x20 - Summer Catalog
 Ghost Whisperer 5x17 - On Thin Ice
 Melrose Place (2009) 1x18 - Wilshire
 Flash Forward 1x16 - Let No Man Put Asunder
 CSI 10x18 - Field Mice
 30 Rock 4x17 - Lee Marvin vs. Derek Jeter
 30 Rock 4x19 - Argus
 United States of Tara 2x07 - Dept. of Fucked Up Family Services
 30 Rock 4x20 - The Moms
 Parks and Recreation 2x24 - Freddy Spaghetti
 30 Rock 4x22 - I Do Do (2)
 United States of Tara 2x11 - To Have And To Hold
 True Blood 3x01 - Bad Blood
 Game of Thrones 1x07 - You Win or You Die