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 Robot Chicken 4x05 - Tell my mom
 Robot Chicken 5x05 - Malcolm X_ Fully Loaded
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 Robot Chicken 4x04 -
 Robot Chicken 5x03 - Big Trouble in Little Clerks
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 Family Guy 8x07 - Jerome is the new black
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 Robot Chicken 4x05 - Tell my mom
 Robot Chicken 4x06 - P.S. Yes, In That Way
 American Dad 5x14 - Cops & Roger
 American Dad 5x16 - Bully for Steve
 Caprica 1x11 - Retribution
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 Big Love 5x03 - Certain Poor Shepherds
 Robot Chicken 5x02 - Terms of Endaredevil
 Robot Chicken 5x05 - Malcolm X_ Fully Loaded
 The Simpsons 22x14 - Angry Dad: The Movie
 Community 2x17 - Intro to Political Science
 Robot Chicken 5x09 - Catch Me if You Kangaroo Jack
 Community 2x19 - Critical Film Studies
 Desperate Housewives 7x17 - Everything┬┤s different, nothing┬┤s changed
 Bones 8x02 - The Partners in the Divorce