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 Cougar Town 1x02 - Into the Great Wide Open
 Mistresses (US) 2x05 - Playing With Fire
 Mistresses (US) 2x13 - Til Death Do Us Part
 Switched At Birth 3x14 - Oh, Future!
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 The Ex List 1x04 - Do You Love Me Do You Surfer Boy
 Trinity 1x01 - Pilot
 Gossip Girl 3x02 - The Freshman
 Reaper 2x01 - A New Hope
 Nip Tuck 5x22 - Giselle Moreau and Legend Chandler
 Smallville 8x15 - Infamous
 Reaper 2x05 - I Want My Baby Back
 Better Off Ted 1x05 - Win Some Dose Some
 Smallville 8x22 - Doomsday
 The Beautiful Life 1x01 - Pilot
 Glee 1x03 - Acafellas
 Cougar Town 1x02 - Into the Great Wide Open
 Glee 1x08 - Mash Up
 Cougar Town 1x05 - Wreck Me
 Nip Tuck 6x04 - Jenny Juggs
 Cougar Town 1x09 - Here Comes My Girl
 Melrose Place (2009) 1x12 - San Vicente
 Family Guy 8x09 - Business Guy
 Modern Family 1x15 - My Funky Valentine
 Nurse Jackie 2x03 - Candyland
 Parenthood 1x06 - The Big O
 Supernatural 5x22 - Swang Song
 Pretty Little Liars 1x06 - There's No Place Like Homecoming
 Pretty Little Liars 1x08 - Please Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone
 Greys Anatomy 7x10 - Adrift and at Peace
 Awkward 1x01 - Pilot
 Sirens (UK) 1x04 - King of the Jungle
 Teen Wolf 4x01 - The Dark Moon
 Kyle XY 3x05 - Life Support
 Psych 4x09 - Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark
 Accidentally on Purpose 1x09 - Working Girl
 Spartacus: Blood and Sand 2x08 - Balance