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 Dexter 3x06 - Si Se Puede
 Dexter 3x08 - The Damage a Man Can Do
 Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2x10 - Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point
 Dexter 3x10 - Go Your Own Way
 The Office 9x16 - Moving On
 Modern Family 3x02 - When Good Kids Go Bad
 Dexter 4x12 - The Getaway
 Community 2x01 - Anthropology 101
 Community 2x03 - The Psychology of Letting Go
 Modern Family 2x05 - Unplugged
 Community 2x05 - Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples
 The Walking Dead 1x03 - Tell It To The Frogs
 Modern Family 2x08 - Manny Get Your Gun
 Community 2x09 - Conspiracy Theories and Soft Defenses
 Community 2x10 - Mixology Certification
 Modern Family 2x10 - Dance Dance
 Community 2x11 - Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas
 Modern Family 2x11 - Slow Down Your Neighbors
 Modern Family 2x12 - Our Children, Ourselves
 Modern Family 2x13 - Caught in the act
 Community 2x12 - Asian Population Studies
 Community 2x13 - Celebrity Pharmacology 212
 Community 2x14 - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
 Community 2x15 - Early 21st Century Romanticism
 Modern Family 2x15 - Princess Party
 Community 2x16 - Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking
 Modern Family 2x16 - Regrets Only
 Community 2x17 - Intro to Political Science
 Modern Family 2x17 - Two Monkeys And A Panda
 Community 2x18 - Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy
 Modern Family 2x18 - Boy's Night
 Community 2x19 - Critical Film Studies
 Modern Family 2x19 - Tha Musical Man
 Community 2x20 - Competitive Wine Tasting
 Modern Family 2x20 - Someone to Watch Over Lily
 Community 2x21 - Paradigms of Human Memory
 Community 2x22 - Applied Anthropology
 Modern Family 2x21 - Mother's Day
 Community 2x23 - A Fist Full of Paintballs
 Modern Family 2x22 - Good Cop Bad Dog
 Community 2x24 - For a Few Paintballs More (2)
 Modern Family 2x23 - See You Next Fall
 Modern Family 2x24 - The One That Got Away
 Modern Family 3x01 - Dude Ranch
 Community 3x01 - Biology 101
 Breaking Bad 4x05 - Shotgun
 Breaking Bad 4x08 - Hermanos
 Breaking Bad 4x09 - Bug
 Modern Family 3x03 - Phil On Wire
 Breaking Bad 4x10 - Salud
 Breaking Bad 4x11 - Crawl Space
 Community 3x02 - Geography Of Global Conflict
 Breaking Bad 4x12 - End Times
 The Office 6x23 - The Cover-Up
 The Office 7x01 - Nepotism
 Modern Family 3x04 - Door to Door
 Community 3x03 - Competitive Ecology
 Breaking Bad 4x13 - Face Off
 Modern Family 3x05 - Hit and Run
 Community 3x04 - Remedial Chaos Theory
 Modern Family 3x06 - Go BullFrogs!
 Community 3x05 - Horror Fiction In Seven Spooky Steps
 Community 3x06 - Advanced Gay
 Community 3x07 - Studies In Modern Movement
 Modern Family 3x08 - After the Fire
 Community 3x08 - Documentary Filmmaking: Redux
 The Office 8x08 - Gettysburg
 Modern Family 3x09 - Punkin Chunkin
 Community 3x09 - Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism
 Modern Family 3x10 - Express Christmas
 Community 3x10 - Regional Holiday Music
 Modern Family 3x12 - Egg Drop
 Modern Family 3x13 - Little Bo Bleep
 Modern Family 3x15 - Aunt Mommy
 Modern Family 3x16 - Virgin Territory
 Modern Family 3x18 - Send Out the Clowns
 Community 3x11 - Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts
 Community 3x12 - Contemporary Impressionists
 Community 3x13 - Digital Exploration of Interior Design
 Community 3x14 - Pillows And Blankets
 The Office 8x20 - Welcome Party
 The Office 8x21 - Angry Andy
 The Office 8x22 - Fundraiser
 The Office 8x24 - Free Family Portrait Studio
 Community 3x20 - Digital Estate Planning
 Modern Family 3x21 - Planes, Trains and Cars
 Modern Family 3x22 - Disneyland
 Breaking Bad 5x01 - Live Free or Die
 Breaking Bad 5x02 - Madrigal
 Breaking Bad 5x04 - Fifty-One
 The Big Bang Theory 6x01 - The Date Night Variable
 Modern Family 4x04 - The Butler's Escape
 The Big Bang Theory 6x02 - The Decoupling Fluctuation
 Dexter 7x02 - Sunshine and Frosty Swirl
 The Big Bang Theory 6x03 - The Higgs Boson Observation
 The Big Bang Theory 6x04 - The Re-Entry Minimization
 Modern Family 4x05 - Open House of Horrors
 The Big Bang Theory 6x05 - The Holographic Excitation
 The Office 9x05 - Here comes Treble
 Modern Family 4x07 - Arrested
 The Office 9x06 - The Boat
 Modern Family 4x08 - Mistery Date
 Modern Family 4x09 - When a Tree Falls
 The Office 9x08 - The Target
 The Office 9x09 - Dwight Christmas
 The Office 9x11 - Suit Warehouse
 The Office 9x12 - Customer Loyalty
 The Big Bang Theory 6x14 - The Cooper/Kripke Inversion
 The Office 9x13 - Junior Salesman
 The Office 9x15 - Couples Discount
 The Big Bang Theory 6x15 - The Spoiler Alert Segmentation
 The Office 9x18 - Promos
 The Office 9x19 - Stairmageddon
 The Office 9x20 - Paper Airplane
 Breaking Bad 5x15 - Granite State
 Modern Family 5x01 - Suddenly, Last Summer
 The Big Bang Theory 7x01 - The Hofstadter Insufficiency
 The Big Bang Theory 7x02 - The Deception Verification
 Modern Family 5x05 - The Late Show
 The Big Bang Theory 7x06 - The Romance Resonance
 Community 5x02 - Introduction to Teaching
 Modern Family 5x11 - And One to Grow On
 Community 5x03 - Basic Intergluteral Numismatics
 Community 5x07 - Bondage and Beta Male Sexuality
 Modern Family 5x16 - Spring-A-Ding-Fling
 Community 5x08 - App Development and Condiments
 Modern Family 5x20 - Australia
 The Big Bang Theory 7x23 - The Gorilla Dissolution
 Modern Family 3x11 - Lifetime Supply
 The Office 9x03 - Andy's Ancestry
 The Big Bang Theory 6x07 - The Habitation Configuration
 The Office 9x21 - Livin' the Dream
 Breaking Bad 5x06 - Buyout