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 Boardwalk Empire 3x01 - Resolution
 V (2009) 1x02 - There In No Normal Anymore
 Awake 1x11 - Say Hello to My Little Friend
 Sons of Anarchy 2x06 - Falx Cerebri
 The Shield 7x01 - Coefficient of Drag
 The Shield 7x07 - Bitches Brew
 Dexter 5x03 - Practically Perfect
 Shattered 1x02 - Harry's Got a Wife
 Shattered 1x04 - Sound of a Strap
 Shattered 1x05 - Tears Bring Harry
 Fringe 3x09 - Marionette
 Awake 1x02 - The Little Guy
 Awake 1x03 - Guilty
 Awake 1x06 - That's Not My Penguin
 Alphas 2x04 - When push comes to shove
 Alphas 1x10 - The Unusual Suspects
 Alphas 1x11 - Original Sin
 Alphas 2x01 - Wake Up Call
 Alphas 2x03 - Alpha Dogs
 Alphas 2x05 - Gaslight
 Alphas 2x06 - Alphaville
 Alphas 2x07 - Gods and Monsters
 Alphas 2x08 - Falling
 Sons of Anarchy 5x02 - Authority Vested
 Alphas 2x09 - The Devil Will Drag You Under
 Fringe 5x12 - Liberty
 Sons of Anarchy 5x03 - Laying Pipe
 Fringe 5x01 - Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11
 Dexter 7x01 - Are you...?
 Homeland 2x01 - The Smile
 Alphas 2x10 - Life After Death
 Sons of Anarchy 5x04 - Stolen Huffy
 Alphas 2x11 - If Memory Serves
 The Mentalist 5x02 - Devil's Cherry
 Sons of Anarchy 5x05 - Orca Shrugged
 Sons of Anarchy 5x06 - Small World
 The Mentalist 5x04 - Blood Feud
 Boardwalk Empire 3x06 - Ging Gang Goolie
 Homeland 2x05 - Q & A
 Boardwalk Empire 3x07 - Sunday Best
 The Mentalist 5x05 - Red Dawn
 Dexter 7x05 - Swim Deep
 Sons of Anarchy 5x08 - Ablation
 Boardwalk Empire 3x08 - The Pony
 Homeland 2x07 - The Cleaning
 Boardwalk Empire 3x09 - The Milkmaid's Lot
 Boardwalk Empire 3x10 - A man, a plan...
 Homeland 2x09 - Two Hats
 The Mentalist 5x10 - Panama Red
 Homeland 2x12 - The Choice
 Fringe 5x10 - Anomaly XB 6783
 Justified 4x01 - Hole in the Wall
 Justified 4x02 - Where's Waldo?
 Californication 6x02 - Quitters
 Justified 4x03 - Truth and consequences
 Justified 4x04 - This bird has flown
 The Mentalist 5x13 - The Red Barn
 Californication 6x03 - Dead Rock Stars
 Justified 4x06 - Food Chase
 Justified 4x07 - Money Trap
 Californication 6x07 - The Dope Show
 Justified 4x10 - Get Drew
 The Mentalist 5x17 - Red, White And Blue
 Justified 4x11 - Decoy
 The Mentalist 5x18 - Behind the Red Curtain
 Justified 4x12 - Peace of mind
 Californication 6x10 - Blind Faith
 The Mentalist 5x19 - Red Letter Day
 Hannibal 1x05 - Coquilles
 Mad Men 6x05 - The Flood
 Da Vinci's Demons 1x03 - The Prisoner
 Mad Men 6x08 - The Crash
 The Killing 3x08 - Try
 How I Met Your Mother 8x05 - The Autumn of Break-Ups
 How I Met Your Mother 8x07 - The Stam Tramp
 Dexter 8x07 - Dress Code
 Breaking Bad 5x12 - Rabid Dog
 Homeland 3x01 - Tin Man is Down
 Sons of Anarchy 5x12 - Darthy
 Peaky Blinders 1x01 - Episode 1
 Peaky Blinders 1x02 - Episode 2
 Breaking Bad 5x15 - Granite State
 Breaking Bad 5x16 - Felina
 Sons of Anarchy 6x04 - Wolfsangel
 Peaky Blinders 1x04 - Episode 4
 Peaky Blinders 1x03 - Episode 3
 The Big Bang Theory 7x01 - The Hofstadter Insufficiency
 Sons of Anarchy 6x05 - The Mad King
 Peaky Blinders 1x05 - Episode 5
 The Walking Dead 4x01 - 30 Days Without an Accident
 The Mentalist 6x03 - Wedding In Red
 Boardwalk Empire 4x06 - The North Star
 Sons of Anarchy 6x06 - Salvage
 Homeland 3x04 - Game on
 The Mentalist 6x04 - Red Listed
 The Mentalist 6x06 - Fire and Brimstone
 Boardwalk Empire 4x09 - Marriage and Hunting
 Sons of Anarchy 6x09 - John 8:32
 Almost Human 1x01 - Pilot
 Almost Human 1x02 - Skin
 Comic Book Men 1x01 - Junk
 Almost Human 1x03 - Are You Receiving?
 Orange is the New Black 1x01 - I Wasn't Ready
 House of Cards (2013) 1x01 - Chapter 1
 House of Cards (2013) 1x02 - Chapter 2
 House of Cards (2013) 1x03 - Chapter 3
 House of Cards (2013) 1x04 - Chapter 4
 House of Cards (2013) 1x05 - Chapter 5
 House of Cards (2013) 1x06 - Chapter 6
 House of Cards (2013) 1x07 - Chapter 7
 House of Cards (2013) 1x09 - Chapter 9
 Almost Human 1x07 - Simon Says
 The Americans 1x02 - The Clock
 The Americans 1x03 - Gregory
 The Americans 1x01 - Pilot
 The Americans 1x04 - In Control
 Justified 5x01 - A Murder Of Crowes
 The Americans 1x06 - Trust Me
 The Americans 1x08 - Mutually assured destruction
 The Americans 1x11 - Covert War
 The Americans 1x10 - Only You
 The Americans 1x12 - The Oath
 The Americans 1x13 - The Colonel
 The Big Bang Theory 7x13 - The Occupation Recalibration
 Almost Human 1x09 - Unbound
 Banshee 2x05 - The Truth About Unicorns
 Justified 5x05 - Shot All to Hell
 Almost Human 1x10 - Perception
 Banshee 2x07 - Ways to Bury a Man
 Almost Human 1x11 - Disrupt
 Almost Human 1x12 - Beholder
 House of Cards (2013) 2x01 - Chapter 14
 House of Cards (2013) 2x02 - Chapter 15
 House of Cards (2013) 2x05 - Chapter 18
 Almost Human 1x13 - Straw Man
 House of Cards (2013) 2x06 - Chapter 19
 Banshee 2x09 - Homecoming
 Justified 5x09 - Wrong Roads
 Orphan Black 1x02 - Instinct
 Mad Men 7x01 - Time Zones
 The Americans 2x08 - New Car
 Hannibal 2x08 - Su-Zakana
 Nurse Jackie 3x07 - Orchids and Salami
 Nurse Jackie 3x10 - Fuck the Lemurs
 Nurse Jackie 3x11 - Batting Practice
 Nurse Jackie 4x01 - Kettle kettle black black
 Nurse Jackie 4x02 - Disneyland Sucks
 Nurse Jackie 4x04 - Slow Growing Monsters
 Nurse Jackie 4x05 - One Armed Jacks
 Nurse Jackie 4x06 - No Kimono Zone
 Mad Men 7x02 - A Day's Work
 Mad Men 7x03 - Field Trip
 Mad Men 7x04 - The monolith
 Silicon Valley 1x05 - Signaling Risk
 24 9x01 - 11 AM to 12 PM
 24 9x02 - 12 PM to 01 PM
 Silicon Valley 1x06 - Third Party Insourcing
 Mad Men 7x05 - The Runaways
 24 9x03 - 01 PM to 02 PM
 The Americans 2x12 - Operation Chronicle
 Nurse Jackie 5x06 - Walk of Shame
 Mad Men 7x06 - The Strategy
 Silicon Valley 1x07 - Proof of Concept
 Nurse Jackie 4x03 - The Wall
 24 9x04 - 02 PM to 03 PM
 Nurse Jackie 5x01 - Happy F**king Birthday
 Nurse Jackie 5x02 - Luck of the Drawing
 Nurse Jackie 5x03 - smile
 Nurse Jackie 5x04 - Lost Girls
 Nurse Jackie 5x05 - Good Thing
 Nurse Jackie 5x07 - Teachable Moments
 Nurse Jackie 6x01 - Sink or Swim
 Nurse Jackie 6x02 - Pillgrimage
 Nurse Jackie 6x03 - Super Green
 Nurse Jackie 6x05 - Rag and Bone
 Nurse Jackie 6x04 - Jungle Love
 Nurse Jackie 6x06 - Nancy Wood
 Mad Men 7x07 - Waterloo
 Silicon Valley 1x08 - Optimal Tip-to-Tip Efficiency
 24 9x06 - 4:00 PM-5:00 PM
 Californication 7x09 - Faith, Hope, Love
 Orange is the New Black 2x06 - You Also Have a Pizza
 Orange is the New Black 2x07 - Comic Sans
 Orange is the New Black 2x04 - A Whole Other Hole
 Orange is the New Black 2x12 - It Was The Change
 Orange is the New Black 2x08 - Appropriately Sized Pots
 Orange is the New Black 2x09 - 40 OZ of Furlough
 Orange is the New Black 2x10 - Little Mustachioed Shit
 Orange is the New Black 2x11 - Take A Break From Your Values
 Nurse Jackie 6x09 - Candyman
 24 9x07 - 05 PM to 06 PM
 Nurse Jackie 6x10 - Sidecars and Spermicide
 Nurse Jackie 6x11 - Sisterhood
 24 9x09 - 7:00 to 8:00 p.m
 Californication 7x11 - Daughter
 The Killing 4x02 - Unraveling
 The Knick 1x06 - Start Calling Me Dad
 Homeland 4x03 - Shalwar Kameez
 Halt and Catch Fire 1x06 - Landfall
 Halt and Catch Fire 1x10 - 1984 (Season Finale)
 Homeland 4x10 - 13 Hours in Islamabad
 House of Cards (2013) 3x02 - Chapter 28
 House of Cards (2013) 3x03 - Chapter 29
 House of Cards (2013) 3x04 -
 House of Cards (2013) 3x06 -
 The Americans 3x12 - I am Abassin Zadran
 Silicon Valley 2x06 - Homicide
 Halt and Catch Fire 2x03 - The Way In
 The Mentalist 5x01 - The Crimson Ticket
 Dexter 7x04 - Run
 Dexter 7x11 - Do You See What I See?
 Homeland 2x11 - The Motherfucker With A Turban
 Justified 4x05 - Kin
 Californication 6x06 - In the Clouds
 Mad Men 6x10 - A Tale Of Two Cities
 Da Vinci's Demons 1x08 - The Lovers
 Boardwalk Empire 4x03 - Acres of diamonds
 Boardwalk Empire 4x04 - All In
 The Mentalist 6x02 - Black-Winged Red Bird
 Sons of Anarchy 6x08 - Los fantasmas
 Orange is the New Black 1x11 - Tall Men With Feelings
 The Americans 1x05 - Comint
 The Americans 1x07 - Duty and Honor
 The Americans 2x02 - Cardinal
 Hannibal 2x03 - Hassun
 Silicon Valley 1x02 - The Cap Table
 Silicon Valley 1x03 - Articles of Incorporation
 Hannibal 2x10 - Naka-Choko
 Orange is the New Black 2x03 - Hugs Can Be Deceiving
 Fringe 5x08 - The Human Kind
 Da Vinci's Demons 1x02 - The Serpent
 Suits 1x01 - Pilot