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 Eli Stone 2x04 - Should I stay or should I go
 The Office 5x09 - The Surplus
 The Office 5x10 - Moroccan Christmas
 Chuck 2x11 - Chuck Versus Santa Claus
 The New Adventures of Old Christine 4x12 - Happy Endings
 Eli Stone 2x08 - Owner of a Lonely Heart
 Ugly Betty 3x11 - Dress for Sucess
 Brothers and Sisters 3x14 - Owning It
 Psych 3x14 - Truer Lies
 30 Rock 3x11 - St Valentines Day
 Medium 5x03 - A Person of Interest
 Brothers and Sisters 3x16 - Troubled Waters
 The New Adventures of Old Christine 4x17 - Too Close for Christine
 The Office 5x17 - Golden Ticket
 Flashpoint 2x07 - Clean Hands
 The Mentalist 1x16 - Bloodshot
 The Simpsons - 20x14 - In the Name of the Grandfather
 30 Rock 3x15 - The Bubble
 Ugly Betty 3x19 - The Sex Issue
 Brothers and Sisters 3x20 - Missing
 Medium 5x07 - A Necessary Evil
 Lie to Me 1x08 - Depraved Heart
 Medium 5x09 - All in the Family
 The Office 5x22 - Heavy Competition
 Parks and Recreation 1x02 - Canvassing
 The Office 6x07 - Koi Pond
 Community 1x11 - The Politics of Human Sexuality
 Parks and Recreation 2x12 - Christmas Scandal
 Boston Med 1x03 - Episode 3
 Boston Med 1x04 - Episode 4