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 Rizzoli & Isles 2x08 - My Own Worst Enemy
 Lost Girl 2x01 - Something Wicked This Fae
 The Vampire Diaries 3x01 - The Birthday
 The Mentalist 2x12 - Bleeding Heart
 Psych 4x12 - A Very Juliet Episode
 Persons Unknown 1x01 - Pilot
 Lost Girl 2x02 - I Fought the Fae (and the Fae Won)
 White Collar 2x05 - Unfinished business
 Haven 1x06 - Fur
 Haven 1x08 - Ain't No Sunshine
 The Gates 1x11 - Surfacing
 Covert Affairs 1x10 - I Cant Quit You, Baby
 Weeds 6x10 - Dearborn Again
 Haven 2x07 - The Tides That Bind
 Psych 5x14 - The Polarizing Express
 Psych 5x16 - Yin 3 in 2D
 Skins US 1x01 - Tony
 Rizzoli & Isles 2x07 - Bloodlines
 Glee 2x11 - The Sue Sylvester Shuffle
 Outcasts 1x02 -
 Fringe 3x18 - Bloodline
 Breakout Kings 1x06 - Like Father, Like Son
 Glee 2x20 - Prom Queen
 Endgame 1x10 - Bless This Union
 Breakout Kings 1x13 - Where In The World Is Carmen Vega
 Game of Thrones 1x08 - The Pointy End
 Covert Affairs 2x01 - Begin the Begin
 Teen Wolf 1x04 - Magic Bullet
 Love Bites 1x06 - TMI
 Rizzoli & Isles 2x01 - We Don't Need Another Hero
 Switched At Birth 1x06 - The Persistence of Memory
 Drop Dead Diva 3x08 - He Said, She Said
 Rizzoli & Isles 2x06 - Rebel Without a Pause
 Drop Dead Diva 3x09 - You Bet Your Life
 Chemistry 1x01 - Upside Down
 Rizzoli & Isles 2x09 - Gone Daddy Gone
 Haven 2x09 - Lockdown
 True Blood 4x12 - And When I Die
 Rizzoli & Isles 2x10 - Remember Me
 90210 4x01 - Up In Smoke
 Haven 2x10 - Who, What, Where, Wendigo?
 Lost Girl 2x03 - Scream a Little Dream
 Glee 3x01 - The Purple Piano Project
 Drop Dead Diva 3x12 - Bride-a-Palooza
 How I Met Your Mother 7x02 - The Naked Truth
 How I Met Your Mother 7x01 - The Best Man
 Alphas 1x10 - The Unusual Suspects
 Haven 2x11 - Business as Usual
 Lost Girl 2x04 - Mirror, Mirror
 Terra Nova 1x01 - Genesis
 Gossip Girl 5x01 - Yes Then Zero
 Alphas 1x11 - Original Sin
 Glee 3x02 - I am Unicorn
 Glee 3x06 - Mash Off
 The Vampire Diaries 3x04 - Disturbing Behavior
 Psych 6x01 - Shawn Rescues Darth Vader
 The Walking Dead 2x01 - What Lies Ahead
 Terra Nova 1x05 - The Runaway
 Ringer 1x06 - The Poor Kids Do It Everyday
 Psych 6x02 - Last Night Gus
 Misfits 3x03 - Episode 3
 Glee 3x07 - I Kissed A Girl