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 About a boy 1x04 - About a Girl
 About a boy 1x09 - About a Kiss
 Anger Management 2x05 - Charlie & Jen Together Again
 Anger Management 2x19 - Charlie, Kate and Jen Get Romantic
 Anger Management 2x67 - Charlie and the Psychic Therapist
 Anger Management 2x68 - Charlie Gets Between Sean and Jordan
 Anger Management 2x69 - Charlie Does Times With the Hot Warden
 Anger Management 2x70 - Charlie and the Warden's Dirty Secret
 Anger Management 2x71 - Charlie and the Temper of Doom
 Anger Management 2x72 - Charlie Gets Trashed
 Baby Daddy 3x02 - The Lying Game
 Black Box 1x06 - Forget Me
 Bob's Burgers 4x18 - Ambergris
 Copper 2x12 - Beautiful Dreamer
 Criminal Minds 9x10 - The Caller
 Do No Harm 1x11 - But I'm Allergic to Cats
 Do No Harm 1x12 - You Made Me Do This
 Do No Harm 1x13 - This Is How It Ends
 Growing Up Fisher 1x06 - Drug-Bust
 Happy Endings 3x07 - No Ho Ho
 Hawaii Five 0 (2010) 3x06 - I Ka Wa Mamua (In a Time Past)
 Hot in Cleveland 4x04 - GILFS
 How to Live With Your Parents 1x13 - How to Be Gifted
 Made in Jersey 1x04 - Payday
 Men at Work 2x01 - Missed Connections
 Men at Work 3x09 - Jude Awakening
 Mystery Girls 1x01 - Death Becomes Her
 NCIS Los Angeles 4x18 - Red, Part 1
 Orange is the New Black 1x13 - Can't Fix Crazy
 Playing House 1x01 - Pilot
 Playing House 1x02 - Bird Bones
 Retired at 35 2x01 - Up North
 Revolution 1x08 - Ties That Bind
 Rookie Blue 4x01 - Surprises
 Rush 1x01 - Pilot
 Satisfaction (US) 1x05 - Through Partnership
 Satisfaction (US) 1x06 - Through Exposure
 Taxi Brooklyn 1x06 - Love Hurts
 Taxi Brooklyn 1x11 - Frenchmen Can't Jump
 The Exes 3x13 - Nothing in Common
 The Exes 3x14 - Bachelor Party
 The Neighbors 2x08 - Good Debbie
 Trophy Wife 1x03 - The Social Network
 Trophy Wife 1x22 - Mother's Day
 Tyrant 1x09 - Gaslight
 Tyrant 1x10 - Gone Fishing
 Undateable 1x04 - The Switch
 Unforgettable 2x12 - Flesh and Blood
 Unforgettable 3x01 - New Hundred
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 Cougar Town 1x19 -
 Hot in Cleveland 1x03 - Birthdates
 Retired at 35 1x05 - Matchmakers
 NYC 22 1x01 - Pilot
 Baby Daddy 1x07 - May the Best Friend Win
 The Listener 3x10 - Lockdown
 Whitney 2x02 - Poor Whitney
 2 Broke Girls 2x16 - And just plane magic
 Last Man Standing 3x05 - Haunted House
 Trophy Wife 1x14 - Foxed Lunch
 Last Man Standing 3x21 - April, Come She Will