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 Bones 10x22 - The next in the last
 Brooklyn Nine Nine 1x18 - The Apartment
 Castle 7x23 - Hollander's Woods
 Community 4x11 - Basic Human Anatomy
 Forever 1x15 - The King of Columbus Circus
 Fresh Meat 3x02 - Episode 2
 Modern Family 4x10 - Diamond in the Rough
 Mom 1x11 - Cotton Candy and Blended Fish
 Suburgatory 2x06 - Friendship Fish
 Suburgatory 2x11 - Yakult Leader
 The Mysteries of Laura 1x08 - The Mystery of the Mobile Murder
 The Mysteries of Laura 1x20 - The Mystery of the Crooked Clubber
 The New Normal 1x17 - Rocky Bye Baby
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 The Carrie Diaries 1x07 - Caught
 Ugly Betty 4x08 - The Bahamas Triangle
 Suburgatory 1x07 - sweet sixteen
 Chuck 5x06 - Chuck Versus The Curse
 Once Upon a Time 1x02 - The Thing You Love Most
 Greek 4x02 - Fools Rush In
 Greek 4x03 - Cross Examined Life
 Greek 4x05 - Home coming and going
 Glee 2x13 - Comeback
 Chuck 4x21 - Chuck Versus the Wedding Planner
 Cougar Town 2x15 - Walls
 Modern Family 3x02 - When Good Kids Go Bad
 The Vampire Diaries 3x03 - The End of the Affair
 New Girl 1x06 - Thanksgiving
 Glee 3x04 - Pot O'Gold
 New Girl 1x04 - Naked
 Suburgatory 1x06 - Charity case
 Chuck 5x03 - Chuck Versus The Frosted Tips
 The Big Bang Theory 5x08 - The Isolation Permutation
 Once Upon a Time 1x03 - Snow Falls
 Blue Mountain State 3x09 - The C-Word
 New Girl 1x05 - Cece Crashes
 The Big Bang Theory 5x09 - The Ornithophobia Diffusion
 How I Met Your Mother 7x10 - Tick Tick Tick...
 Suburgatory 1x02 - The Barbecue
 The Big Bang Theory 5x10 - The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition
 Chuck 5x04 - Chuck Versus the Business Trip
 Misfits 3x04 - Episode 4
 How I Met Your Mother 7x11 - The Rebound Girl
 Suburgatory 1x08 - Thanksgiving
 Once Upon a Time 1x05 - That Still Small Voice
 New Girl 1x07 - Bells
 New Girl 1x08 - Bad in Bed
 Suburgatory 1x09 - The Nutcracker
 Modern Family 3x10 - Express Christmas
 Once Upon a Time 1x07 - The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter
 2 Broke Girls 1x01 - Pilot
 2 Broke Girls 1x02 - And the Break up Scene
 Community 1x13 - Investigative Journalism
 Community 1x17 - Physical Education
 The Big Bang Theory 5x12 - The Shiny Trinket Maneuver
 The Big Bang Theory 5x13 - The Recombination Hypotesis
 Suburgatory 1x12 - The casino trip
 How I Met Your Mother 7x14 - 46 Minutes
 The Big Bang Theory 5x15 - The Friendship Contraction
 New Girl 1x13 - Valentine's Day
 Cougar Town 3x01 - Ain't Love Strange
 2 Broke Girls 1x17 - And the Kosher cupcakes
 Suburgatory 1x15 - Fire with Fire
 Cougar Town 3x03 - Lover's Touch
 Jane By Design 1x09 - The Getaway
 SMASH 1x07 - The Workshop
 New Girl 1x17 - Fancyman (Part 1)
 How I Met Your Mother 7x21 - Now We're Even
 Suburgatory 1x19 - Entering Eden
 Suburgatory 1x20 - Hear No Evil
 Girls 1x02 - Vagina Panic
 New Girl 1x23 - Backslide
 Modern Family 3x21 - Planes, Trains and Cars
 Girls 1x04 - Hannah's Diary
 Suburgatory 1x21 - The Great Compromise
 Girls 1x05 - Hard Being Easy
 Hart of Dixie 1x22 - The big day
 Community 3x20 - Digital Estate Planning
 Community 3x22 - Introduction to Finality
 Suburgatory 1x22 - The Motherload
 Jane By Design 1x14 - The Second Chance
 Pretty Little Liars 1x18 - The Bad Seed
 The Newsroom (2012) 1x07 - 5/1
 Awkward 2x07 - Another one bites the dust
 Pretty Little Liars 1x16 - Je Suis Un Ami
 Pretty Little Liars 1x17 - The New Normal
 Pretty Little Liars 1x19 - A Person of Interest
 Pretty Little Liars 1x21 - Monsters In The End
 Pretty Little Liars 2x07 - Surface Tension
 Glee 4x04 - The Break Up
 Downton Abbey 3x04 - Episode 4
 Hart of Dixie 2x03 - If It Makes You Happy
 The Big Bang Theory 6x05 - The Holographic Excitation
 Suburgatory 2x02 - The Witch of East Chatswin
 Modern Family 4x07 - Arrested
 Modern Family 4x08 - Mistery Date
 Suburgatory 2x05 - The Wishbone
 Glee 4x06 - Glease
 New Girl 2x08 - Parents
 Go On! 1x09 - Dinner Takes All
 The New Normal 1x09 - Pardon Me
 Go On! 1x10 - Back, Back, Back... It's Gone!
 New Girl 2x09 - Eggs
 Modern Family 4x09 - When a Tree Falls
 Suburgatory 2x06 - Friendship Fish
 The Big Bang Theory 6x09 - The Parking Spot Escalation
 Glee 4x08 - Thanksgiving
 2 Broke Girls 2x09 - And The New Boss
 2 Broke Girls 2x11 - And The Silent Partner
 New Girl 2x10 - Bathtub
 The New Normal 1x11 - Baby Proofing
 Hart of Dixie 2x09 - Sparks Fly
 Glee 4x09 - Swan Song
 2 Broke Girls 2x10 - And The Big Opening
 New Girl 2x11 - Santa
 Hart of Dixie 2x10 - Blue Christmas
 Modern Family 4x10 - Diamond in the Rough
 Fresh Meat 2x06 - Episode 6
 Fresh Meat 2x07 - Episode 7
 New Girl 2x12 - Cabin
 The New Normal 1x12 - The Goldie Rush
 New Girl 2x13 - A Father's Love
 The Carrie Diaries 1x01 - Pilot
 The Carrie Diaries 1x02 - Lie with me
 Suburgatory 2x11 - Yakult Leader
 Suburgatory 2x10 - Chinese Chicken
 Girls 2x03 - Bad Friend
 The Carrie Diaries 1x03 - Read Before Use
 Go On! 1x15 - Pass Interference
 Girls 2x07 - Video Games
 Community 4x02 - Paranormal Parentage
 The Vampire Diaries 4x12 - A View to A Kill
 Girls 2x06 - Boys
 The Vampire Diaries 4x10 - After School Special
 The Carrie Diaries 1x06 - Endgame
 New Girl 2x17 - Parking Spot
 The Vampire Diaries 4x15 - Stand By Me
 Community 4x03 - Conventions of Space and Time
 The New Normal 1x17 - Rocky Bye Baby
 Hart of Dixie 2x16 - Where I Lead Me
 Girls 2x08 - It's Back
 The Carrie Diaries 1x08 - Hush Hush
 Suburgatory 2x16 - How to Be a Baby
 The Carrie Diaries 1x09 - The Great Unknown
 Community 4x06 - Advanced Documentary Filmmaking
 Girls 2x10 - Together
 New Girl 2x19 - Quick Hardening Caulk
 Go On! 1x19 - Go For The Gold Watch
 Community 4x11 - Basic Human Anatomy
 How I Met Your Mother 8x22 - The Bro Mitzvah
 New Girl 2x23 - Virgins
 2 Broke Girls 2x24 - And the Window of Opportunity
 Modern Family 4x23 - Games People Play
 Awkward 3x07 - Guilt Trippin'
 The Newsroom (2012) 2x05 - News Night with Will McAvoy
 Beauty and the Beast 1x18 - Heart of Darkness
 The Newsroom (2012) 2x06 - One Step Too Many
 Brooklyn Nine Nine 1x01 - Pilot
 Mom 1x01 - Pilot
 2 Broke Girls 3x01 - And the Soft Opening
 Mom 1x02 - A Pee Stick and an Asian Raccoon
 Brooklyn Nine Nine 1x02 - The Tagger
 Modern Family 5x02 - First Days
 Back in the Game 1x02 - Stay In Or Bail Out
 Mom 1x03 - A Small Nervous Meltdown and a Misplaced Fork
 Back in the Game 1x03 - Play Hard or Go Home
 Mom 1x04 - Loathing and Tube Socks
 Brooklyn Nine Nine 1x05 - The Vulture
 Back in the Game 1x04 - The Change Up
 Hart of Dixie 3x03 - Take This Job and Shove It
 Mom 1x05 - Six Thousand Bootleg T-Shirts and a Prada Handbag
 New Girl 3x06 - Keaton
 Back in the Game 1x05 - She. Could. Go. All. The. Way!
 Mom 1x06 - Abstinence and Pudding
 Mom 1x07 - Estrogen and a Hearty Breakfast
 Fresh Meat 3x01 - Episode 1
 Awkward 3x13 - Taking Sides
 The Carrie Diaries 2x03 - Strings Attached
 Mom 1x08 - Big Sur and Strawberry Lube
 Modern Family 5x07 - A Fair to Remember
 The Carrie Diaries 2x04 - Borderline
 Fresh Meat 3x02 - Episode 2
 Brooklyn Nine Nine 1x10 - Thanksgiving
 Mom 1x11 - Cotton Candy and Blended Fish
 Fresh Meat 3x03 - Episode 3
 Bones 9x11 - The Spark in the Park
 The Carrie Diaries 2x06 - The Safety Dance
 Mom 1x12 - Corned Beef and Handcuffs
 Psych 4x09 - Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark
 Sherlock 3x01 - The Empty Hearse
 Community 5x01 - Repiloting
 New Girl 3x11 - Clavado En Un Bar
 The Carrie Diaries 2x11 - Hungry Like the Wolf
 Bones 9x13 - Big in the Philippines
 Girls 3x03 - She Said OK
 Psych 8x03 - Remake A.K.A. Cloudy... With a Chance of
 The Carrie Diaries 2x12 - This is the time
 Psych 8x04 - Some one have a Wody
 Community 5x06 - Analysis of Cork-Based Networking
 Bones 9x15 - The Heiress in the Hill
 2 Broke Girls 3x17 - And The Married Man Sleepover
 Brooklyn Nine Nine 1x18 - The Apartment
 Cougar Town 5x09 - Too Much Ain't Enough
 Brooklyn Nine Nine 1x19 - Tactical Village
 Brooklyn Nine Nine 1x20 - Fancy Brugdom
 Suburgatory 3x07 - I’m Just That Not That Into Me
 How I Met Your Mother 9x21 - Gary Blauman
 Hart of Dixie 3x14 - Here You Come Again
 New Girl 3x20 - Mars Landing
 Brooklyn Nine Nine 1x22 - Charges and Specs
 Mom 1x21 - Broken Dreams and Blocked Arteries
 How I Met Your Mother 9x23 - Last Forever Part 1
 Awkward 4x02 - Listen To This
 New Girl 3x23 - Cruise
 Silicon Valley 1x06 - Third Party Insourcing
 Suburgatory 3x13 - Stiiiiiiill Horny
 Bones 9x24 - The Recluse in the Recliner
 Awkward 4x06 - Crowning Moments
 New Girl 4x03 - Julie Berkmans Older Sister
 Manhattan Love Story (2014) 1x02 - In the Mix, On the Books, and In the Freezer
 Forever 1x06 - The Frustrating Thing About Psychopaths
 New Girl 4x05 - Landline
 Bad Judge 1x04 - Knife to a Gunfight
 Forever 1x07 - New York Kids
 Castle 1x06 - Always Buy Retail
 Castle 1x10 - A Death in the Family
 Castle 2x03 - Inventing the Girl
 Castle 7x11 - Castle, P.I.
 Forever 1x13 - Diamonds Are Forever
 New Girl 4x13 - Coming Out
 Brooklyn Nine Nine 2x15 - Windbreaker City
 Castle 7x14 - Resurrection
 Forever 1x15 - The King of Columbus Circus
 Parks and Recreation 7x08 - Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington
 Parks and Recreation 7x09 - Pie-Mary
 The Mysteries of Laura 1x15 - The Mystery of the Alluring Au Pair
 2 Broke Girls 4x13 - And the Great Unwashed
 Community 6x02 - Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care
 Community 6x03 - Basic Crisis Room Decorum
 Forever 1x18 - Dead Men Tell Long Tales
 The Mysteries of Laura 1x20 - The Mystery of the Crooked Clubber
 Castle 7x23 - Hollander's Woods
 The Mysteries of Laura 1x21 - The Mystery of the Deceased Documentarian
 The Mysteries of Laura 1x22 - The Mystery of the Corner Store Crossfire
 Bones 10x22 - The next in the last
 UnReal 1x01 - Return
 Misfits 3x03 - Episode 3
 Once Upon a Time 3x15 - Quiet Minds