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 Californication 3x12 - Mia culpa
 NCIS 7x10 - Faith
 The Office 5x13 - Stress Relief
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 Chuck 2x10 - Chuck Versus the Delorean
 How I Met Your Mother 4x11 - Little Minnesota
 Chuck 2x11 - Chuck Versus Santa Claus
 Kyle XY 3x07 - Chemistry 101
 House MD 5x18 - Here Kitty
 Smallville 8x16 - Turbulence
 Heroes 3x20 - Cold Snap
 Bones 5x03 - The Plain in the Prodigy
 The Big Bang Theory 3x03 - The Gothowitz Deviation
 Bones 5x04 - Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
 Californication 3x04 - Zoso
 Californication 3x05 - Slow Happy Boys
 The Big Bang Theory 3x07 - The Guitarist Amplification
 Californication 3x08 - The Apartment
 Californication 3x12 - Mia culpa
 Greys Anatomy 6x14 - Valentine's Day Massacre
 NCIS 7x19 - Guilty Pleasure
 House MD 6x16 - LockDown
 House MD 6x18 - open and shut
 Bones 5x19 - The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle
 Chuck 3x16 - Chuck Vs The Tooth
 NCIS 7x22 - Borderland
 Bones 6x03 - The Maggots in the Meathead
 NCIS 8x04 - Royals and Loyals
 Bones 6x04 - The Body and the Bounty
 Greys Anatomy 7x05 - Almost Grown
 Raising Hope 1x11 - Toy Story
 Californication 4x02 - Suicide Solution
 Bones 6x15 - The Killer In The Crosshairs
 NCIS 8x18 - Out Of The Frying Pan
 Bones 6x23 - The Change in The Game (Season Finale)
 Fringe 4x03 - Alone In The World
 Hung 3x03 - Mister Drecker or Ease Up On The Whup Ass
 NCIS 9x09 - Engaged Part 2
 The Mentalist 3x05 - The Red Ponies