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 Mike & Molly 1x12 - First Christmas
 Lost 6x01 - LA X Part 1
 Heroes 4x19 - Brave New world
 Two And a Half Men 7x15 - Aye, Aye, Captain
 Family Guy 8x14 - Peter-assment
 The Simpsons 21x21 - Moe Letter Blues
 American Dad 5x17 - An Incident at Owl Creek
 Lost 6x15 - Across the Sea
 True Blood 3x02 - Beautifully Broken
 Sons of Tucson 1x08 - Gina
 Penn & Teller: Bullshit! 8x04 - Teen sex
 Neighbors From Hell 1x05 - Family from Hell
 The Hard Times Of RJ Berger 1x05 - The Rebound
 Sons of Tucson 1x09 - Dog Days if Tucson
 Penn & Teller: Bullshit! 8x05 - Easy Money
 Sons of Tucson 1x10 - Kisses & Beads
 Neighbors From Hell 1x06 - Guns for Mutts
 The Hard Times Of RJ Berger 1x06 - Over the Rainblow
 Sons of Tucson 1x11 - Glenn's Birthday
 True Blood 3x05 - Trouble
 Neighbors From Hell 1x09 - Attila The Rascal
 The Good Guys 1x08 - Silvio's Way
 The Hard Times Of RJ Berger 1x08 - Nerds Gone Wild
 Penn & Teller: Bullshit! 8x07 - Criminal Justice
 Neighbors From Hell 1x10 - Fantastic 15
 Sons of Tucson 1x12 - Sally Teel
 American Dad 6x02 - Son of Stan
 The Cleveland Show 2x03 - How Cleveland Got His Groove Back
 V (2009) 2x08 - Uneasy lies the head
 Wilfred (US) 1x06 - Conscience
 Family Guy 8x21 - Partial Terms of Endearment
 True Blood 3x06 - What Do You Know About Love
 Chuck 4x05 - Chuck vs. The Couch Lock