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 Heroes 4x19 - Brave New world
 Family Guy 8x12 - Extra Large Medium
 The Simpsons 21x13 - The color yellow
 Law and Order: SVU 11x15 - Confidential
 Law and Order: SVU 11x19 - Conned
 Law and Order: SVU 11x21 - Torch
 Law and Order: SVU 11x22 - Ace
 The Simpsons 21x20 - To Surveil, With Love
 House MD 7x01 - Now What
 House MD 7x02 - Selfish
 House MD 7x08 - Small Sacrifices
 House MD 7x09 - Larger Than Life
 House MD 7x13 - Two Stories
 House MD 7x14 - Recession Proof