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 Carnivále 2x01 - Los Moscos
 Carnivále 2x02 - Alamogordo NM
 Carnivále 2x03 - Ingram TX
 Carnivále 2x04 - Old Cherry Blossom Road
 Carnivále 2x05 - Creed OK
 Carnivále 2x06 - The Road to Damascus
 Carnivále 2x07 - Damascus
 Carnivále 2x08 - Outskirts Damascus NE
 Carnivále 2x09 - Lincoln Highway
 Carnivále 2x10 - Cheyenne
 Carnivále 2x11 - Outside New Canaan
 Carnivále 2x12 - New Canaan
 Criminal Minds 4x10 - Brothers in Arms
 Criminal Minds 4x11 - Normal
 Criminal Minds 4x13 - Bloodline
 Dirty Sexy Money 2x08 - The Summer House
 Leverage 1x08 - The Mile High Job
 Talking to Heaven 1x01 - Episode 1
 Talking to Heaven 1x02 - Episode 2
 The Simpsons - 20x07 - Mypods and Boomsticks
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 Criminal Minds 4x03 - Minimal Loss
 Desperate Housewives 5x03 - Kids Ain't Like Everybody Else
 The Ex List 1x02 - Climb Every Mountain Biker
 House MD 5x07 - The Itch
 My Own Worst Enemy 1x08 - Love in All the Wrong Places
 The Beast 1x02 - Two Choices
 The Simpsons - 20x09 - Lisa the drama Queen
 Mistresses 2x04 - Episode 4
 Demons 1x06 - Nothing like Nebraska
 Criminal Minds 4x16 - Pleasure Is My Business
 Legend of the Seeker 1x13 - Revenant
 The Simpsons - 20x11 - How the Test Was Won
 Castle 1x01 - Flowers for Your Grave
 Criminal Minds 4x17 - Demonology
 Lie To Me 1x06 - Do No Harm
 Mistresses 2x05 - Episode 5
 Lie To Me 1x07 - The Best Policy
 Criminal Minds 4x18 - Omnivore
 Mistresses 2x06 - Episode 6
 Hung 1x02 - Great Sausage
 Leverage 2x02 - The Tap Out Job
 Nurse Jackie 1x08 - Pupil
 Drop dead diva 1x02 - The F Word
 Better Off Ted 1x11 - Father Can You Hair Me
 Warehouse 13 1x05 - Claudia
 Desperate Housewives 6x07 - Careful The Things You Say
 The Vampire Diaries 1x09 - History Repeating
 United States of Tara 3x02 - Crackerjack
 Leverage 4x08 - The Boiler Room Job
 Criminal Minds 4x10 - Brothers in Arms
 Leverage 1x02 - The Homecoming Job
 United States of Tara 3x07 - The Electrifying & Magnanimous Return of Beaverlamp