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 Flash Forward 1x13 - Blowback
 Human Target 1x10 - Tanarak
 Law & Order (1990) 20x17 - Four Cops Shot
 Mercy 1x18 - Of Course I'm Not
 Southland 2x04 - The Runner
 Ugly Betty 4x17 - Million Dollar Smile
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 The Good Wife 1x15 - Bang
 Eastwick 1x13 - Pampered and Tampered
 Chuck 3x08 - Chuck vs. The Fake
 Numb3rs 6x15 - Growin' Up
 White Collar 1x14 - Out of the Box
 Greys Anatomy 6x19 - Sympathy for the Parents
 Law and Order: Criminal Intent 9x02 - Loyalty Part. 2
 Law and Order: Criminal Intent 9x07 - Love Sick
 Private Practice 3x19 - Eyes Wide Open