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 Family Guy 8x16 - April in Quahog
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 The Simpsons 21x13 - The color yellow
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 Breaking Bad 3x01 - No Mas
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 Fringe 2x16 - Peter
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 Fringe 2x17 - Olivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver.
 Medium 6x18 - There Will Be Blood... Type B
 The Pacific 1x05 - Peleliu Landing
 Family Guy 8x16 - April in Quahog
 Flash Forward 1x16 - Let No Man Put Asunder
 American Dad 5x15 - Merlot Down Dirty Shame
 House MD 6x17 - Knight Fall
 Lost 6x13 - The last recruit
 Flash Forward 1x17 - The Garden of Forking Paths
 Fringe 2x19 - The Man From the Other Side
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 Fringe 2x20 - Brown Betty
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 Family Guy 8x17 - Brian and Stewie
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 Family Guy 8x18 - Quagmire's Dad
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 Family Guy 8x19 - The splendid Source
 Breaking Bad 3x10 - Fly
 Warehouse 13 3x02 - Trials