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 Spartacus: Blood and Sand 1x06 - Delicate things
 Archer 1x08 - The Rock
 Caprica 1x06 - Know Thy Enemy
 Spartacus: Blood and Sand 1x08 - Mark of the Brotherhood
 Caprica 1x09 - End of line
 V (2009) 1x05 - Welcome to the war
 Spartacus: Blood and Sand 1x11 - Old Wounds
 Trauma 1x15 - Scope of Practice
 Trauma 1x16 - Frequent Fliers
 Stargate Universe 1x13 - Faith
 Spartacus: Blood and Sand 1x13 - Kill Them All
 Trauma 1x17 - Sweet Jane
 Trauma 1x18 - Crossed Wires
 V (2009) 1x11 - Fruition
 Stargate Universe 1x16 - Sabotage
 The Big Bang Theory 3x23 - The Lunar Excitation
 Doctor Who (2005) 5x09 - Cold Blood
 Stargate Universe 1x19 - Incursion (1)
 Stargate Universe 1x20 - Incursion (2)
 Rookie Blue 1x03 - Fite Nite
 Warehouse 13 2x03 - Beyond Our Control
 True Blood 3x08 - Night on The Sun
 Rookie Blue 1x10 - Big Nickel
 True Blood 3x11 - Fresh Blood
 Eureka 4x09 - I'll Be Seeing You
 True Blood 3x12 - Evil Is Going On
 Haven 1x10 - The Hand You're Dealt
 No Ordinary Family 1x02 - No Ordinary Marriage
 Mike & Molly 1x04 - Mike's Not Ready
 The Walking Dead 1x03 - Tell It To The Frogs
 2 Broke Girls 1x19 - And The Spring Break
 The Big Bang Theory 5x20 - The Transporter Malfunction
 Spartacus: Blood and Sand 1x10 - Party Favors
 Spartacus: Blood and Sand 1x12 - Revelation