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 10 Things I Hate About You 1x17 - Just One Kiss
 Archer 2x16 - Heart of Archness (Part 3)
 Fresh Meat 1x02 - Episode 2
 Louie 1x03 - Dr. Ben & Nick
 Louie 1x05 - Travel Day South
 Louie 1x08 - Dogpound
 Mad Men 2x10 - The Inheritance
 Mad Men 2x11 - The Jet Set
 Shit My Dad Says 1x07 - Dog Ed Pursuit
 Svetlana 1x03 - Wish Fulfillment
 Weeds 6x11 - Viking Pride
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 Mad Men 2x11 - The Jet Set
 The Big Bang Theory 2x09 - The White Asparagus Triangulation
 How I Met Your Mother 4x12 - Benefits
 Damages 3x02 - The Dog is Happier Without Her
 30 Rock 4x12 - Verna
 Archer 1x08 - The Rock
 Nurse Jackie 2x08 - Monkey Bits
 Nurse Jackie 2x10 - Sleeping Dogs
 Greek 4x03 - Cross Examined Life
 Cougar Town 2x14 - Cry to Me
 Archer 2x01 - Swiss Miss
 30 Rock 5x15 - It's Never Too Late for Now
 Archer 2x04 -
 Chuck 4x19 - Chuck Versus the Muuurder
 Pushing Daisies 2x04 - Frescorts