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 Alphas 2x01 - Wake Up Call
 Castle 6x16 - Room 147
 Criminal Minds 8x01 - The Silencer
 Criminal Minds 9x17 - Persuasion
 Franklin & Bash 2x07 - Summer Girls
 Franklin & Bash 2x10 - 650 To SLC
 Franklin & Bash 3x01 - Coffee and Cream
 Franklin & Bash 3x04 - Captain Johnny
 Franklin & Bash 3x05 - The Numbers
 Franklin & Bash 3x08 - Out of the Blue
 Gotham 1x18 - Everyone Has A Cobblepot
 Heroes 3x16 - Building 26
 Once Upon a Time 4x15 - Enter The Dragon
 Orange is the New Black 3x06 - Ching Chong Chang
 Perception 1x05 - The Messenger
 Perception 1x07 - Nemesis
 Perception 1x09 - Shadow
 Perception 1x10 - Light
 Perception 2x02 - Alienation
 Perception 2x05 - Caleidoscope
 Perception 2x06 - Defective
 Perception 2x07 - Neuropositive
 Perception 2x14 - Obsession
 Psych 3x10 - Six Feet Under the Sea
 Psych 3x14 - Truer Lies
 The Originals 2x17 - Exquisite Corpse
 Unforgettable 2x02 - Incognito
 Warehouse 13 4x01 - A New Hope
 Warehouse 13 4x06 - Fractures
 Warehouse 13 4x07 - Endless Wonder
 Wilfred (US) 2x05 - Now
 Wilfred (US) 3x04 - Sincerity
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 Merlin (BBC) 1x09 - Excalibur
 Dexter 3x08 - The Damage a Man Can Do
 Heroes 3x11 - The Eclipse PART 2
 Legend of the Seeker 1x09 - Puppeteer
 Heroes 3x16 - Building 26
 Psych 3x15 - Tuesday the 17th
 Heroes 3x17 - Cold Wars
 True Blood 2x07 - Release Me
 Psych 4x01 - Extradition British Columbia
 Merlin 2x03 - The Nightmare Begins
 Merlin 2x06 - Beauty and the Beast (Part 2)
 Sanctuary 2x04 - Hero
 Merlin 2x08 - The Sins of the Father
 The Big Bang Theory 3x09 - The Vengeance Formulation
 Heroes 4x11 - Thanksgiving
 Sanctuary 2x09 - Penance
 Franklin & Bash 3x08 - Out of the Blue
 Sanctuary 2x10 - Sleepers
 Bones 5x13 - The Dentist in the Ditch
 Psych 4x10 - You Can't Handle This Episode
 Psych 5x09 - One, Maybe Two, Ways Out
 How I Met Your Mother 6x01 - Big Days
 Bored to Death 2x01 - Escape From the Dungeon!
 How I Met Your Mother 6x02 - Cleaning House
 Stargate Universe 2x02 - Aftermath
 NCIS Los Angeles 2x05 - Little Angels
 Bored to Death 2x05 - Forty Two Down!
 How I Met Your Mother 6x06 - Baby Talk
 Castle 3x06 - 3XK
 Bored to Death 2x07 - Escape From the Castle!
 Psych 5x11 - In Plain Fright
 Greek 4x04 - All About Beav
 Bones 6x12 - The Sin in the Sisterhood
 Castle 3x14 - Lucky Stiff
 Bones 6x13 - The Daredevil in the mold
 Fringe 3x20 - 6:02 AM EST
 Criminal Minds 7x02 - proof
 CSI 12x02 - Tell Tale Hearts
 Merlin 4x01 - The Revival of the Witch Part 1
 Merlin 4x05 - His Father's Son
 Psych 6x05 - Dead Man's Curve Ball
 CSI 12x18 - Malice in Wonderland
 Criminal Minds 7x18 - Foundation
 Criminal Minds 7x19 - Heathridge Manor
 NCIS Los Angeles 3x20 - Patriot Acts
 Two And a Half Men 9x21 - Mr. Hose Says 'Yes'
 Bones 7x11 - The Family in the Feud
 Two And a Half Men 9x22 - Why We Gave Up Women
 Greek 2x16 - Dearly Beloved
 Hawaii Five 0 (2010) 2x23 - Ua Hala (Death in The Family)
 Franklin & Bash 2x03 - Jango & Rossi
 The Firm 1x17 -
 The Exes 2x02 - What Women Want
 Franklin & Bash 2x04 - For Those About To Rock
 Franklin & Bash 2x05 - L'affaire Du Coeur
 Perception 1x01 - Pilot
 Perception 1x02 - Faces
 Franklin & Bash 2x07 - Summer Girls
 Franklin & Bash 2x09 - Waiting On A Friend
 True Blood 5x09 - Everybody Wants To Rule The World
 Perception 1x05 - The Messenger
 True Blood 5x10 - Gone, Gone, Gone
 Warehouse 13 4x04 - There's Always A Downside
 Perception 1x06 - lovestick
 Fringe 5x01 - Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11
 Bones 8x15 - The Shot In The Dark
 Warehouse 13 4x11 - The Living and The Dead
 CSI 13x21 - Ghosts Of The Past
 True Blood 6x01 - Who are you, really?
 Warehouse 13 4x18 - Lost & Found
 Perception 2x03 - Blindness
 Franklin & Bash 3x04 - Captain Johnny
 Dexter 8x03 - What's Eating Dexter Morgan?
 Franklin & Bash 3x05 - The Numbers
 Dexter 8x04 - Scar Tissue
 Unforgettable 2x02 - Incognito
 Sleepy Hollow 1x02 - Blood Moon
 The Mentalist 6x01 - The Desert Rose
 Sleepy Hollow 1x03 - For the Triumph of Evil
 Supernatural 9x01 - I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here
 Arrow 2x01 - City of Heroes
 Supernatural 9x02 - Devil May Care
 Castle 6x17 - In the Belly of the Beast
 Unforgettable 2x12 - Flesh and Blood
 The Mentalist 6x18 - Forest Green
 Arrow 2x20 - Seeing Red
 Royal Pains 6x03 - A Bridge Not Quite Far Enough
 The Big Bang Theory 8x01 - The Locomotion Interruption
 Masters of Sex 2x12 - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
 Supernatural 10x01 - Black
 Broadchurch 2x05 - Episode 5
 Gotham 1x14 - The Fearsome Dr. Crane
 Castle 7x15 - Reckoning
 Bones 10x11 - The Phychic in the soup
 Castle 7x21 - In Plane Sight
 The Originals 2x20 - City Beneath The Sea
 The Big Bang Theory 2x09 - The White Asparagus Triangulation
 Doctor Who (2005) 5x06 - The Vampires Of Venice
 The Mentalist 3x21 - Like A Redhead Stepchild
 Hawaii Five 0 (2010) 2x15 - Mai Ka Wa Kahiko (Out of the Past)
 NCIS 9x16 - Psych out
 The Originals 2x14 - I love you, goodbye
 How I Met Your Mother 6x04 - Subway Wars