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 Sin City Saints 1x01 - The Fool Monty
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 Dexter 3x08 - The Damage a Man Can Do
 How I Met Your Mother 4x08 - Woooo
 Californication 2x08 - Going Down and Out in Beverly Hills
 Californication 2x10 - In Utero
 How I Met Your Mother 4x11 - Little Minnesota
 Scrubs 8x04 - My Happy Place
 Scrubs 8x09 - My Absence
 Scrubs 8x18 - My Finale
 Entourage 6x09 - Security Briefs
 Entourage 6x12 - Give a Little Bit
 Entourage 7x02 - Buzzed
 Entourage 7x03 - Dramedy
 Entourage 7x04 - Tequila Sunrise
 Entourage 7x05 - Bottoms Up
 Entourage 7x06 - Hair
 Entourage 7x09 - Porn Scenes from an Italian Restaurant
 Family Guy 9x01 - And Then There Were Fewer
 Californication 4x07 - The Recused
 Californication 4x12 - ...And Justice for All
 Entourage 8x02 - Out With a Bang
 Entourage 8x03 - One Last Shot
 Entourage 8x05 - Motherfucker
 Entourage 8x07 - Second To Last
 Family Guy 10x06 - Thanksgiving
 Misfits 3x05 - Episode 5
 Family Guy 10x08 - Cool Hand Peter
 Dexter 6x10 - Ricochet Rabbit
 Dexter 6x11 - Talk to the Hand
 Dexter 6x12 - This Is the Way the World Ends
 Family Guy 11x12 - Valentine's Day in Quahog
 Californication 5x05 - The Ride Along
 Family Guy 10x23 - Internal Affairs
 Dexter 7x11 - Do You See What I See?
 Family Guy 11x08 - Jesus, Mary & Joseph
 Californication 6x01 - The Unforgiven
 Family Guy 11x10 - Brian's Play
 Californication 6x03 - Dead Rock Stars
 Californication 6x02 - Quitters
 Family Guy 11x11 - The Giggity Wife
 Californication 6x04 - Hell Bent for Leather
 Family Guy 11x14 - Call Girl
 Californication 6x09 - Mad Dogs and Englishmen
 Californication 6x10 - Blind Faith
 Family Guy 11x18 - Total Recall
 Family Guy 11x19 - Save the Clam
 Family Guy 11x20 - Farmer Guy
 Family Guy 12x01 - Finders Keepers
 Mad Men 7x04 - The monolith
 Family Guy 12x19 - Meg Stinks!
 Californication 7x05 - Getting the Poison Out
 Fargo 1x05 - The Six Ungraspables
 Californication 7x06 - Kickoff
 Episodes 4x02 - Episode Two
 Family Guy 13x09 - This Little Piggy
 Better Call Saul 1x02 - Mijo
 The Last Man On Earth 1x07 - Drives me crazy
 Sin City Saints 1x01 - The Fool Monty
 Mad Men 7x09 - New Business
 The Last Man On Earth 1x09 - The Do-Over
 The Last Man On Earth 1x10 - Pranks for Nothin'
 Dexter 4x02 - Remains To Be Seen
 Family Guy 11x00 - 200 Episodes Later