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 The Good Wife 1x21 - Unplugged
 The Good Wife 1x17 - Heart
 Damages 3x09 - Drive It Through Hardcore
 Castle 2x18 - Boom!
 Damages 3x10 - Tell Me I'm Not Racist
 Eureka 4x07 - Stoned
 The Good Wife 1x18 - Doubt
 Brothers and Sisters 4x18 - Time after time (part.1 y part.2)
 Flash Forward 1x16 - Let No Man Put Asunder
 Damages 3x13 - The Next One's Gonna Go In Your Throat
 Glee 1x15 - The Power Of Madonna
 Flash Forward 1x17 - The Garden of Forking Paths
 The Mentalist 2x19 - Blood Money
 The Good Wife 1x19 - Boom
 Flash Forward 1x18 - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
 Castle 2x22 - Food to die for
 The Good Wife 1x20 - Mock
 Flash Forward 1x19 - Course Correction
 Flash Forward 1x20 - The Negotiation
 The Good Wife 1x22 - Hybristophilia
 The Closer 7x03 - To Server With Love
 Glee 1x22 - Journey
 Eureka 4x05 - Crossing Over
 The Closer 6x06 - Off the Hook
 The Closer 6x07 - Jump the Gun
 Eureka 4x08 - The Ex-Files
 Eureka 4x09 - I'll Be Seeing You
 Castle 3x01 - A Deadly Affair
 Smallville 10x04 - Homecoming
 The Good Wife 2x05 - VIP Treatmen
 Smallville 10x07 - Ambush
 The Good Wife 2x07 - Bad girls
 The Good Wife 2x08 - On Tap
 Smallville 10x11 - Icarus
 The Good Wife 2x10 - Breaking Up
 The Good Wife 2x12 - Silly Season
 Secret Diary of a Call Girl 4x02 - Episode 2
 The Good Wife 2x13 - Real deal
 Smallville 10x13 - Beacon
 Castle 3x15 - The Final Nail
 Secret Diary of a Call Girl 4x03 - Episode 3
 The Good Wife 2x15 - Last Shot
 Castle 3x17 - The countdowns part2
 The Good Wife 2x16 - Great Firewall
 Smallville 10x16 - Scion
 The Good Wife 2x19 - Wrongful Termination
 The Closer 7x02 - Repeat Offender
 Eureka 4x13 - Glimpse
 The Closer 7x06 - Home Improvement
 The Good Wife 3x01 - The New Day
 Castle 4x02 - Heroes And Villains
 Hart of Dixie 1x05 - Faith & Infidelity
 Downton Abbey 2x08 - Episode 8
 A Gifted Man 1x09 - In Case of Abnormal Rhythm
 Hart of Dixie 1x10 - Hairdos & Holidays
 The Closer 7x12 - You Have the Right to Remain Jolly
 The Good Wife 3x11 - What Went Wrong
 The Closer 7x13 - Relative matters
 The Good Wife 3x15 - Live from Damascus
 Major Crimes 1x05 - Citizen's arrest
 Damages 5x10 - But You Don't Do That Anymore
 Major Crimes 1x06 - Out of bounds
 Glee 1x17 - Bad Reputation