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 House of Lies 2x04 -
 Parenthood 1x07 - What's Going On Down There
 The Bridge 1x01 - Red Door
 The Bridge 1x05 - Damned If You Do
 Gravity 1x03 - One Cold Swim Away
 The Bridge 1x09 - Never Let Me Down Again
 Parenthood 1x11 - Solace
 Gravity 1x05 - Love at first suicide
 Gravity 1x04 - Old People Creep Me Out
 The Bridge 1x10 - The Blame Game
 The Bridge 1x11 - Voices Carry
 House of Lies 2x03 - Man–date
 Life Unexpected 2x02 - Parents Unemployed
 Homeland 1x01 - Pilot
 Upstairs, Downstairs 2x01 -
 I Just Want My Pants Back 1x03 - Never Trust a Moonblower
 I Just Want My Pants Back 1x04 - Pecker Necklace
 Real Humans (Äkta Människor) 1x10 - Episode 10
 King 2x08 - Isabelle Toomey
 The Finder 1x12 - Voodoo Undo
 King 2x13 - Wendy Stetler [Season Finale]
 Harry´s Law 2x22 - Onward And Upward
 House of Lies 2x01 - Stochasticity
 Mixology 1x13 - Closing Time
 Fresh Off The Boat 1x08 - Phillip Goldstein
 Fresh Off The Boat 1x09 - License to Sell
 Fresh Off The Boat 1x11 - Very Superstitious
 Fresh Off The Boat 1x12 - Dribbling Tiger, Bounce Pass Dragon
 Fresh Off The Boat 1x13 - So Chineez