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 Castle 3x07 - Almost Famous
 Fringe 2x15 - Jacksonville
 Make it or Break it 2x07 - What Are You Made
 Rookie Blue 1x04 - Signals Crossed
 The Closer 6x01 - The Big Bang
 The Closer 7x15 - Silent Partner
 The Mentalist 3x03 - The Blood on His
 Two And a Half Men 7x11 - Warning, It's Dirty
 White Collar 2x14 - Payback
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 Two And a Half Men 6x13 - I Think You Offended Don
 House MD 5x12 - Painless
 House MD 5x17 - The Social Contract
 Two And a Half Men 6x19 - The Two Finger Rule
 Bones 4x22 - Double Death of the Dearly Departed
 The Good Wife 1x03 - You Cant Go Home Again
 24 8x05 - 8 a 9 pm
 Bones 6x11 - The Bullet in the Brain Subtitle
 Fringe 4x04 - Subject 9
 The Big Bang Theory 3x03 - The Gothowitz Deviation