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 True Blood 3x06 - What Do You Know About Love
 Breaking Bad 4x10 - Salud
 Castle 3x07 - Almost Famous
 Being Human (US) 1x08 - Children Shouldn't Play With Undead Things
 Breakout Kings 1x02 - Collected
 Being Human (US) 1x10 - Dog Eat Dog
 Stargate Universe 2x13 - Alliances
 Breakout Kings 1x05 - Queen of Hearts
 Breakout Kings 1x08 - Steaks
 Breakout Kings 1x12 - There are Rules
 The Big C 2x06 - The Little c
 The Big C 2x11 - Fight or Flight
 The Fades 1x01 - Episode 1
 Continuum 1x06 - Time's Up
 The Big C 4x03 - Quality of Death
 Being Human (US) 4x09 - Too Far, Fast Forward!
 The Strain 1x03 - Gone Smooth
 The Bridge (US) 2x04 - The Acorn
 The Bridge (US) 2x07 - Lamia
 Defiance 2x10 - Bottom of the World
 The Bridge (US) 2x08 - Goliath
 Haven 5x01 - See no evil
 Z Nation 1x01 - Puppies and kittens
 The Bridge (US) 2x11 - Beholder
 Haven 5x08 - Exposure
 Ascension 1x01 - Part 1
 Ascension 1x02 - Part 2
 Ascension 1x03 - Part 3
 Helix 2x01 - San Jose
 Helix 2x02 - Reunion
 Helix 2x03 - Scion
 12 Monkeys 1x04 - Atari
 Helix 2x04 - Densho
 Better Call Saul 1x01 - Uno
 Better Call Saul 1x02 - Mijo
 12 Monkeys 1x05 - The Night Room
 Helix 2x05 - Oubliette
 Helix 2x06 - M. Domestica
 Helix 2x07 - Cross-Pollination
 Better Call Saul 1x05 - Alpine Shepherd Boy
 Helix 2x08 - Vade in Pace
 12 Monkeys 1x08 - Yesterday
 Helix 2x09 - Ectogenesis
 Helix 2x10 - Mother
 Helix 2x11 - Plan B
 Better Call Saul 1x09 - Pimento
 Helix 2x12 - The Ascendant
 Helix 2x13 - O Brave New World
 Defiance 3x03 - Broken Bough
 Haven 2x01 - A Tale of Two Audreys
 Defiance 3x01 - The World We Seize