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 The Good Wife 1x18 - Doubt
 Castle 1x07 - Home is Where the Heart Stops
 Rookie Blue 1x11 - To Serve or Protect
 Rizzoli & Isles 1x09 - The Beast In Me
 Castle 3x08 - Murder Most Fowl
 Leverage 3x14 - The Ho-Ho-Ho Job
 Spartacus: Gods of the Arena 1x01 - Past Transgressions
 Chase 1x12 - Narco (Part 1)
 The Mentalist 3x12 - Bloodhounds
 Castle 3x13 - Knockdown
 Hellcats 1x12 - Papa, Oh Papa
 Chase 1x13 - Narco (Part 2)
 Flashpoint 3x20 - No Promises
 White Collar 2x12 - What Happens in Burma
 Fairly Legal 1x03 - Benched
 Flashpoint 3x22 - Fault Lines
 Off the map 1x05 - I'm Here
 Fairly Legal 1x04 - Bo me Once
 Spartacus: Gods of the Arena 1x04 - Beneath the Mask
 The Defenders 1x14 - Nevada v. Doug the Mule
 The Chicago Code 1x02 - Hog Butcher
 Hellcats 1x15 - God Must Have My Fortune Laid Away
 Fairly Legal 1x05 - The Two Richards
 Hawaii Five 0 (2010) 1x18 - Loa Aloha (The Long Goodbye)
 The Defenders 1x16 - Noland vs. Galloway Pharmaceuticals
 CSI NY 7x16 - The Untouchable
 The Cape 1x09 - Razer
 The Chicago Code 1x04 - Cabrini Green
 Fairly Legal 1x07 - Coming Home
 CSI 11x17 - The List
 The Event 1x13 - Turnabout
 The Chicago Code 1x06 - The Gold Coin Kid
 Detroit 187 1x17 - Motor city blues
 The Chicago Code 1x07 - Black Hand and the Shotgun Man
 Fairly Legal 1x10 - Bridges
 Make it or Break it 2x11 - The New Normal
 Justified 2x08 - The Spoil
 Body of Proof 1x02 - Letting Go
 Body of Proof 1x03 - Helping Hand
 Hawaii Five 0 (2010) 1x20 - Ma Ke Kahakai (Shore)
 Castle 3x21 - The Dead Pool
 Brothers and Sisters 5x18 - Never Say Never
 Parenthood 2x21 - Slipping Away
 Criminal Minds 6x21 - The Stranger
 Nikita 1x18 - Into the Dark
 Brothers and Sisters 5x19 - Wouldn’t It Be Nice
 Make it or Break it 2x14 - Life or Death
 Nikita 1x19 - Girl's Best Friend
 Make it or Break it 2x15 - Hungary Heart
 Camelot 1x05 - Justice
 The Borgias 1x06 - The French King
 The Secret Life of the American Teenager 3x20 - Moving In And Out
 Brothers and Sisters 5x21 - For Better or For Worse
 The Chicago Code 1x10 - Bathhouse and Hinky
 Body of Proof 1x07 - All in the Family
 King 1x02 - T-Bone
 King 1x01 - Lori Gilbert
 Hellcats 1x20 - Warped Sister
 Nikita 1x21 - Betrayals
 CSI 11x21 - Cello And Goodbye
 XIII: The Series 1x03 - Lockdown
 The Borgias 1x07 - Death on a Pale Horse
 The Secret Life of the American Teenager 3x21 - Young At Heart
 King 1x04 - Eleni Demaris
 The Good Wife 2x22 - Getting Off
 Hellcats 1x21 - Land of 1,000 Dances
 Criminal Minds 6x23 - Big Sea
 Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior 1x11 - Strays
 Blue Bloods 1x22 - The Blue Templar
 Camelot 1x07 - The Long Night
 Chase 1x17 - The Man at the Altar
 Breakout Kings 1x11 - Off the Beaten Path
 The Borgias 1x08 - The Art of War
 The Killing 1x08 - Stonewalled
 The Secret Life of the American Teenager 3x22 - Loose lips
 Chuck 4x24 - Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger
 Hellcats 1x22 - I'm Sick Y'all
 Law And Order: Los Angeles 1x15 - Hayden Tract
 Criminal Minds 6x24 - Supply and Demand
 The Secret Life of the American Teenager 3x23 - Round II
 Law And Order: Los Angeles 1x19 - Cathay Circle
 Make it or Break it 2x19 - What Lies Beneath, Worlds Apart
 Camelot 1x09 - The Battle of Bardon Pass
 The Secret Life of the American Teenager 3x26 - ...Or Not To Be
 King 1x08 - Scout Winter
 Franklin & Bash 1x02 - She Came Upstairs To Kill Me
 Endgame 1x12 - Polar Opposites
 Scott and Bailey 1x01 - Episode 1
 Injustice 1x04 - Episode 4
 The Glades 2x02 - Old Ghosts
 The Protector 1x01 - Pilot
 The Secret Life of the American Teenager 4x01 - When One Door Opens
 Endgame 1x13 - Deadman Talking
 White Collar 3x02 - Where There's a Will
 Covert Affairs 2x02 - Good Advices
 Chaos 1x08 - Core Fortitude
 The Secret Life of the American Teenager 4x02 - Another one opens
 Spartacus: Gods of the Arena 1x06 - The Bitter End