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 Criminal Minds 4x05 - Catching Out
 Criminal Minds 4x11 - Normal
 CSI 9x02 - The Happy Place
 CSI 9x03 - Art Imitates Life
 CSI 9x06 - Say Uncle
 CSI NY 5x04 - Sex Lies and Silicone
 Damages 2x01 - I Lied Too
 Dexter 3x07 - Easy as Pie
 Eleventh Hour 1x06 - Frozen
 Eli Stone 2x01 - The Path
 Eli Stone 2x03 - Unwritten
 Legend of the Seeker 1x03 - Bounty
 Leverage 1x02 - The Homecoming Job
 Life 2x08 - Black Friday
 Life 2x10 - Evil and his brother Ziggy
 My Own Worst Enemy 1x01 - Breakdown
 Supernatural 6x09 - Clap your hands if you believe
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 Weeds 5x02 - Machetes Up Top
 Weeds 5x08 - A Distinctive Horn
 Supernatural 6x09 - Clap your hands if you believe
 CSI NY 7x15 - Vigilante